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Hello Edmonton, so I bought 3, 10k gold rings from Sears a few weeks ago when everything went on sale. After that I took them to a jeweller and was told that they were only 9k, I didn’t believe it and so I went to cash Canada to get them checked in their “x- ray” machine. They told me the same thing, all 9k.

The jeweller said that this is common, but I also heard it’s not legal to stamp 10k if it isn’t.

I talked to the manager, she gave me a number to call, I called and left a message but nobody responded still, it’s been a couple weeks. I’m not really expecting a response, because they’re shutting down and everything.

Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know my experience. If you bought some gold from there, maybe go get it tested if your concerned.



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  1. Rhon Magyar Rhon Magyar says:

    9, 18 & 24 is probably south african import

  2. Bring your receipt into the store and ask to talk to a manager. Unless you don’t want a refund.. but there’s no way they’ll have time to respond to voice mails atm

  3. Tyler Seguin Tyler Seguin says:

    Talk about a first world problem

  4. Marie says:

    Sears isn’t closing its doors completely until mid-Jan or Jan 15ish /2018 from what I was told by a cashier/clerk.

    GO! GO! GO! Get your butt in-store where you bought and demand (nicely) to see the store manager – DO NOT LEAVE until face-to-face with that manager and present your findings! Hopefully you did obtain the name(s) of the individuals whose findings concluded 9k, to back up your allegation.
    If you have that documentation (proof) then you should be able to either
    a) return same for a full refund ‘even if they cry – final sale! (( do not give in )) or,
    b) get a percentage of what you paid, back (if you’re okay with keeping them all).
    Want me to go with you???? LOL …
    Just sick and tired of all the bullshit out there these days ~

    Anyhow, I was in Sears K-way a couple of weeks ago to purchase socks and underwear for husb & son … The storee was a disastrous mess (Hurricane Katrina!)! Best sale price found was 30% Off which incidentally one would be able to find or find better yet there at anytime in the past!

    What a sad ‘n sorry joke! Sears used to be my ‘go to retailer’ for many, many things over the years, but whatever happened to them (I’ll blame ignorant-management)… it’s no wonder they are where they are at.

    It was within this past year as well – I’d read a couple articles where Costco had been selling diamonds/diamond rings alleged to be ‘Tiffany’s – which turned out to be false and fraudulent. I never followed up to see what transpired… I seem to recall a class-action-lawsuit involved, but do not recall with certainty.

    GO BITE ‘EM !!!

  5. I think your shit out of luck, if they weren’t closing than maybe you’d have a chance. Right now, too busy, and from what I understand a different company takes over once the store wants to liquidate everything. So, basically you won’t get a hold of them.

  6. Kyle Urban Kyle Urban says:

    No refunds either. All purchases are final.

  7. If you paid with a credit card you may have some recourse, call them

  8. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    Im not about to shop at the sears close out sales.. i learned my lesson when target was going out of sale. #RipOff

  9. This is another reason Sears sucks. This was for a pots and pans set

  10. Cindy Dato Cindy Dato says:

    It was on the news, Sears raises their prices, and then slap a discount sticker on it.


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