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I’ve been in the service industry for over half my life and although I enjoy most aspects of it I feel as though it is time to move on and look for a career with more opportunities for advancement. However, the thought of starting from scratch is terrifying and I’m not sure where to begin.

Where in Edmonton does one start the process when wanting to start a new career path? What resources are available to assist in this process?

I have 4 years of post secondary education and have a job specific diploma to show for it. i haven’t had to write a resume since I graduated almost 15 years ago and it’s been longer since I’ve had an interview so I also need to refresh these skills.

I’ve never been more ready to make a change and try something new. But looking at job postings has me feeling overwhelmed and under qualified. Any and all advice on where to start would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance



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  1. Start by looking into financial assistance (if needed), they used to make people do career tests so you know which way to go. Not sure if they still do, but when you take which ever course you decide, they usually make you do a resume course, interview skills etc. It helps a lot to know what little tips can help. You’d be surprised how informative a visit to a college or university can be. is a great site I’ve used a lot. They have a section where you can see what other people have to say about the careers.
    Good luck.

  2. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    MistyHarnum from Misty’s Resumes can be of help. She’s amazing with resumes, job searches, and helping you prep for interviews too, plus more. She does it all! 🙂

  3. Go to Alberta works. They have free resume writing and interview workshops through BGS Enterprises. Go to the BGS website to find locations and dates/times and to register. They also have career planning workshops that will help give you direction if you are not sure what path you want to take. Good luck!


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