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Seeking language and fitness friends

Hey Edmonton! I don’t do social media, so trying here.

I am looking for people who want to work on, learn or use another language in an informal and relaxed setting like a cafe. I am also looking for people interested in calisthenic street work outs; whether a group or just a work out pal or two. Pretty straight forward. I am leaving alberta this year, so this wouldn’t be a lifetime friendship.

About me:
Male, tall, chiseled, educated, fit, fun, friendly, easy going but intense in endeavours, women love me (psychos obsess), guys seem intimidated and hateful of me, black people think I’m Russian (“white dudes are smart or tough but not both. Russians are white, smart AND tough”). Languages I speak or am interested in learning or working on: any Aboriginal language, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Arabic, Irish, Gaelic.
This is not a post for a date or a hookup, it’s a post for friendship based on a common goal of self improvement. I am also not interested in being friends with cops or criminals. Gays are welcome but if you hit on me you may be picking up your teeth with broken fingers.

Bad timing for the post with COVID19 but if interested text me, it’s almost summer!
Chris 587 776 4411



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  1. Jade says:

    …. I’m just curious if this post worked? Did “Chris” get any texts or phone calls?….

    Just wondering. This “Chris” sounds like someone I know.

    • Chris says:

      I have had some silly responses but some good ones also. I am going to help a girl with her English and she is going to help me with Arabic. Another girl would like help with English and she wants to teach me Hindi, so that should work also.
      Some guy wants me to train him, another wants me to try parkour with him, I’m inclined to try both. I turned down a Ukrainian language exchange and everyone please ignore that I speak some Ukrainian; unless there are some actually good Ukrainians from Saskatchewan in Alberta but I am definitely no longer interested in the albertan bullhunk people, culture or language. So maybe just scratch out Ukrainian on the ad and replace with Turkish. Thanks.

      Is Jade your real name? I only know one Jade.

  2. AlbertaStinks says:

    You would get a better response looking for random sex, drinking, smoking dope and playing video games. Cmon man, lower your standards to the albertan level. People dont like others raising the bar here so dont be surprised if you get hate mail via text. Just sayin.

  3. EvaK. says:

    Good for you leaving Edmonton and Alberta! I mean that. I am leaving also. The rest of my family already left years ago, they say life is much more pleasant and rewarding. Silly me, I’m still here lol. You sound like you don’t belong here lol that’s a compliment btw

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