Seeking recommendation for psychologist

Seeking a registered psychologist for a child.
One who deeply understands domestic violence, PTSD, and mostly narcissistic parent manipulation and brainwashing.
Tried several, but lack of experience and training are obvious.


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  1. Get ur family doc to refer u to dr Blackman he’s downtown Edmonton
    Deals with children up to 17
    He’s the #1doc child psychiatrist. He does it all

  2. Definitely CASA they specialize in children.

  3. Check with the Stollery. I’m sure they see their share of child abuse cases I’m sure they have one on hand or can refer

  4. Lorin Lynne Lorin Lynne says:

    Cornerstone Counselling. They do a sliding scale for billing and can do direct billing. They also have psychologists able to deal with ptsd, children etc. Just give them a look up online. They’re downtown but there is parking in the area quite close.

  5. Firefly clinic is amazing they specialize in trauma. It’s not covered depending on your insurance coverage.

  6. Stacy Cripps Stacy Cripps says:

    Call children’s mental health. 7803421370 is the spruce grove office. They can help.

  7. Zenovia Moroz recommendation?

  8. Dr Cameron Morhaliek. He is a child and adolescent psychiatrist. Ask your GP for a referral.

  9. Cat Hills Cat Hills says:

    Following. Are most psychologists for minors covered by Alberta health?

    • Thank you Wendy! I have eleven psychologists at Evolution Psychology and two who specialize in children: Leslie Pearson and Jessica Blake. High conflict parental separation or divorce is tricky and lots of psychologists are reluctant or insecure about this because it can be stressful work. We have lots of experience in this area and use effective interventions with children dealing with trauma and family conflict. We have knowledge about the family courts and can definitely offer support to all members of the family.

  10. Dilan Morin Dilan Morin says:

    I recommend calling equinox therapeutic.

    I see Shazin. She’s phenomenal.

    I’ve definitely seen some minors in their office, and Shazin has a LOT of experience with trauma therapy.

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