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Where can one (a male) buy Viagra? Do you need a prescription? Maybe rules differ from province to province?

I’m curious and want to know (B.C and Alberta particularly).




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  1. If you feel like you need Viagara you should probably see a doctor to determine the underlying health reasons for your lack of performance. A change in diet combined with exercise and weight loss should help too. Trying to fix a problem with a pill is not a viable long term solution.

  2. I would see a doctor. There can be serious side effects.

  3. Doug says:

    FFS…if you seriously can’t ask your doc for a prescription, you have the wrong freakin doctor. You waste time posting to this site when you could be just making a damn appointment. No doctor on planet Earth will laugh at you. None.

  4. Go to a doctor, they have sample packs they can give you for free.

  5. Mexico you can get it on every corner.

  6. I have eight 25 mg pills for $50.

  7. Darwin, come on guys, the question isn’t that hard…..

  8. I was looking for it for an art project and it is available all over the internet without a prescription. May not be the safest way to go, but it’s there. I highly recommend talking to your doctor. If you are embarrassed go to a medi centre.

  9. Shawn Blair Shawn Blair says:

    Try “Aliens” from the nearest adult store. Usually have to ask at the till

  10. Canada requires prescription

  11. Prescription in Canada

  12. Terri Bee Terri Bee says:

    Prescription is required because of adverse effects on people that have heart issues, talk to your doctor

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