Have you seen this sweet girl?

Have you adopted this sweet girl, or do you know the person who has? She would have been adopted from the Edmonton Humane Society around June of last year, 2016.

Her name is (was?) Vega, she’s a doberman/australian shepherd mix. Beautiful chocolate brown color, and a white tipped tail with a thread at the end. (If you’re her family, you’ll know what I mean.) Also a beautiful, friendly, excitable soul who loves equal parts cuddling & game of tug.

If so, I would love to get in touch with you! Have some info! Please leave a comment if you can help. 🙂



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  1. Mac Simm Mac Simm says:

    When a family adopts a pet from the Humane Society, its confidential. I would imagine they would receive a basic history with non identifying on the pets past.

    What information could an anonymous poster have on a pet that was adopted out through the humane society, that couldn’t posted here? If the information was pertinent, why was it not given to the Humane Society to start with.

    I’ve seen several posts where people, for various reasons, have tried to track down a pet that may have been adopted out to another family.

    The odds of the family that adopted this pet seeing this post are low. Regardless, I would be cautious in devulging any information, if anyone knows information on where this pets new home is.
    If the OP has important information, why not just contact the Humane Society to have the information passed along to the new owners?

    I can see no reason that direct contact between an anonymous poster and the new owners of this dog would have to be made.

    • Krista Dawn Krista Dawn says:

      yeah my thoughts exactly , this seems sketchy like they are trying to track down where the dog is/who owns it

    • I am the op and I would like to know that my dog is in a loving home. My ex and I made a verbal agreement at separation regarding sharing custody of the dog with me taking over care when I could find a big dog friendly home (I took over immediate care of our small dog and 2 cats as well, as we agreed) and then, without communicating anything to me, he surrendered her to the EHS. I had no idea until it was too late. It was a heartbreaking, frustrating thing to happen and I haven’t stopped worrying about her since. I have puppy pictures and health info that my ex likely would not have passed on. And the EHS refuses to pass on anything. I have been in contact with them. The dog was registered to me at the City of Edmonton and I was listed as an owner at the Winnipeg Humane Society where she was adopted but because one of her owners (my ex) surrendered her, the EHS didn’t feel it necessary to contact any other owners. I’ve been worried sick about her ever since. Just want to know she’s okay.


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