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Seniors affected less than working parents?

Before anyone gets all mad, I am asking because I want to understand.
Of course Covid-19 is affecting eveyone. But aren’t seniors and those on AISH affected less?

The question came up from a customer. I am on AISH. I also worked part time. My husband had surgery that left him unable to work. He was supposed to apply for AISH but now the doctor he needs to see if closed so application on hold. We are trying to manage with $1,685 plus child amount for a family of 5.
Yes I know GST and child tax will be up. I am counting on that to pay mortgage, utilities, and so on. None of us qualify for cerb or other supports. Food bank we rely on is not available. No deferrals. But we are trying hard to do our best.

I have been helping seniors get products. Whether groceries or medication or personal hygiene needs. I get them from store and deliver to them. I charge $0, then $1, up to $3 per person. Based on what they can do to put towards gas. I buy masks, gloves. I sanitize everything at home before I bring it to them. I know its not perfect but I want to help. And they offer money for my expenses. Some pay nothing. I didn’t ask, just what they offer.

One of the seniors said she thinks people on disability and pension are lucky in terms of finances. Her opinion is that she doesn’t have to worry about losing a job. Her pension amount comes in every month. Some things may cost more but as she put it, it would be harder for parents who have kids at home, have to support them without jobs. I know I feel lucky to have AISH because I know it arrives every month.

Things are tight. We don’t do big things like easter or even christmas. Just our family dinner. So nothing changed for us. My kid just had a birthday and I bought her a pack of pencils for $2. Like I said tight but managing our best.

Can someone tell me why seniors are financially struggling? Many of my seniors say that they think parents with young kids would be having a harder time than those with guaranteed income. Just wondering.



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  1. Terra says:

    Seniors, people with breathing conditions, heart conditions and cancer are most at-risk for becoming seriously ill with covid. As for the financial piece, sure, seniors could be receiving guaranteed income through the Canada Pension Plan. But to receive the maximum CPP payment, you need to have contributed the max CPP contribution each year for many years. The maximum CPP payout is $1,175.83 per month. There are people who didn’t save enough for their retirement, and due to inflation, that money runs out a lot faster than it would have when you earned it in 1990. If there are medications or treatments you need to pay for, rent, bills, maybe a 30 year mortgage monthly payment for a house you bought when you were working, it adds up. Property on an average home in Edmonton $3400 a year.

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