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Having been a server for 6 years, I feel the people just keep getting worse and worse over time. I serve people with a huge smile on my face, and try and make their experience great. What do I get? Rude, inconsiderate, miserable people who don’t know the word please or thanks. People who think they are the only person who exists. I am only 23, and I have been talked to like an idiot, treated like shit, and sent home feeling like crap.

I am an awesome server and my section gets filled with regulars, so I know that I’m doing something right.

Just remember that you truly impact everyone you talk to in a day, and if you are having a bad day, chances are someone else is too. Be considerate of servers especially because your child could potentially be a server, and just hope he/she doesnt come home crying from someone who behaves like you do, to servers.

Also, yes tipping is an option. But if you are not only paying for the food, you are paying for the experience. So, if you have a good experience, TIP your server. Or go to mcdonalds.



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  1. The worst is when you go up to a table and before you can even finish saying hi they interrupt you and say “water with lemon” and go back to their phones..

  2. Don’t let any dim watts ruin your day. There are always people around who love to do this. Put an imaginary mirror around yourself and it will reflect back on them. Have a fantastic day!

  3. Samara White Samara White says:

    Unfortunately you might be one of the few servers that are good. In the last 3 years(no joke) I’ve only ever ONCE gotten a refill on my pop that I’ve ordered. It’s to the point where I now only order water because I’m only going to get one glass anyways. Most servers now days don’t even pay attention to their tables, and give terrible service. I love going to restaurants it’s one of my favourite things to do, sadly I don’t do it very much anymore because I’m always disappointed by the service. It’s not just customers, it’s server, bartenders, cooks. Literally everyone.

  4. Everyone should have to work as a waiter/waitress for a few weeks.. once in their life.. before they judge.. People should also work in retail for a few weeks.. and in a grocery store check out..

  5. People are getting worse and worse because you are serving more millennials.

  6. Michael Orr Michael Orr says:

    Good people remember the good servers so you have to hope that over time the rude ones will take a back seat to the good regulars. I always pay attention to who my server is and show my appreciation in both tips and just saying please and thanks a little more enthusiastically than I would otherwise. It’s a two way street, but many customers don’t understand that. If you’re bringing me food and drinks you are making my life better. If I can make your job easier just by being polite and grateful I’ll happily do so.

  7. I always tip on our service.
    When we go out and eat my man drinks beer I drink Diet.
    He will get another drink before I get a refill. Not even offered. Or they will say I will get you one and you get it when your meal is done.
    I’m sorry I tip less.
    I would rather pay for another diet pop than just never one brought to me. Even if I ask.

  8. I notice a huge deficiency of people that say please, thank you and excuse me. And it’s usually people much older than I am. I’m 35 and model please and thank you and excuse me for my toddler regardless of what public service we are receiving or place we are. Places like Costco where other customers push past and don’t have enough manners to say excuse me. People.complain about kids being rude in public but I see people my parents age behaving atriciously in public. Settle down folks.

  9. I’ve have also served my share of jerks and they are not pleasant to serve. But I’ve also served some of the most amazing, charming and considerate people who made my day. People just stop and think about how you would feel if you were treated the way you treat service people so rudely- trust me you would not like it. Treat other people the way you would like to be treated.

  10. I had a young “lady” sitting on her cell phone in a store. Didn’t even acknowledge me or the other customers. I went to pay and she didn’t even look at me. Lol. She was discussing what an “ass” her ex-boyfriend was. I had to laugh.
    It goes both ways. Some people just suck.

    • So many customers are on their phones the whole time they shop and when they go through the check out… this girl probably thought it was okay. I say that with a bit of sarcasm but it’s also true. If it’s rude for a clerk, it should go both ways.

    • Brenda Nelson I agree. I’m not a “phone person” so I’m not on my phone much. But what drives me nuts is when I see people in line waiting to pay for something and they don’t even acknowledge the person at the till. It’s sooo rude. I was up next at Sobeys and my phone rang and it was my husband and I said I would call him back as I was just about at the till. The lady at the till said very few people do that. They just keep talking. We got into a whole discussion on how rude it is. Same in restaurants. I don’t allow my kids on the phone.

  11. I hear you!! I’m opposite tho, as a customer with retail, public transportation, and theservice industry I always get treated poorly by them! I smile say please and thank you always say have a great day and not once in the last two months has anyone working smiled or said it back to me … It’s frustrating! I would love to meet and be served by someone like you, it’s always better with a smile.

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