Sexual Harassment/Assault/Molestation

So Since this Weinstein thing, the world has gone absolutely crazy.

First of all he was such a powerful man, that when he committed the acts of indecency towards his victims, he most likely made sure that it was kept hush, hush. This could have been because he threatened his victims and/or families, and also probably because aspiring actresses was in the market to make a name for themselves, thought that “Silence was Golden” in this instant. Now that it has hit the public eye and ears, it seems that although this is disgusting and unacceptable, that his close friends and loooong time friends are having a difficult time accepting that their friend, and confidante is capable of committing such an heinous act.

I believe this “coming out” has not only been a positive act in the Acting/Movie industry, it has encouraged people all over the world to want to tell their stories, not matter how old their story may be.

It has made me stronger in sharing my stories, as a matter of fact my brother told me he is going to tell both my brothers I accused them of sexually molesting me, and I am not sure if he will be telling my Uncle that I accused him of sexually molesting me. Now is that the type of respond that a brother should be sending to a sister whom has been violated? You would think if he had compassion at all for me, he would be saying, I am so sorry, instead wants to sue me for deformation of character. So, “coming out” in this situation leaves the victim feeling more like blaming themselves and vulnerable.

I did not tell when I was little because, my eldest sister was the queen, they did everything to protect her, and left me to the dogs. So it does not matter how long it takes, tell your story, and get moving forward into healing from such an devastating thing that has happened to you or anyone else you know. If you know of someone, encourage them to tell their story, it is imperative to their healing,and then be really strong, because you may not get any empathy, rather judgement.



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  1. I’m so sorry about your situation. You brothers reaction to your families crimes is terrible.

    I’ve noticed that there seems to be some kind of disconnect between when sexual assault actually happens and what people think it is. No one disagrees that it’s a heinous crime, but they don’t seem to understand what the crime actually is. I’ve noticed that people have this image of women being violated in a dark alley way by a complete stranger and if your situation doesn’t fit that (family members, coercion, friends etc) Then it cant be what you’re claiming it is. Even in the way we talk about it, “I walk with my keys between my knuckles” “I don’t go out alone at night” “I don’t leave my drink unattended” these are all very real things even I do but they, for the most part, only protect against a random stranger attack. If someone leaves their drink with their boyfriend and their boyfriend slips something in it, well the drink wasn’t left unattended you left it with someone you trusted and they betrayed that. Most sexual crimes are committed by someone the victim was familiar with yet we perpetuate the stranger in a dark alleyway image.

    People just seem to have a hard time grasping the effects of abuse and manipulation on human behaviour which is why I think the victims are so often discredited and blown off. It’s even what your brother is doing to you right now! Just an observation from my end, the cognitive dissonance is real. Stay strong and I hope everything gets sorted out for you.

  2. Cee Dee Hawn Cee Dee Hawn says:

    This. So true for so many victims. Abusers are often aggressively defended.

  3. I heard a theory once on why people defend sexual predators and it makes sense. Saying things like “they’ve never done that to me” or “he’s such a nice guy”. The theory in short is that people don’t want to feel unsafe so it’s easier to deny these horrible crimes than to hold the person accountable. It’s sad. There’s no excuse for victim shaming.

  4. I never told because they threatened me and my family. I wasn’t safe in my own house. Nobody to protect me. I was an adult before I admitted it.

  5. MrWonderful says:

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  6. Additionally in Weinstein’s case, he was a very prolific donor in US politics. Never underestimate the benefits of that. I do wonder what changed such that the “wall of silence” finally failed for him.

  7. Marie says:

    Weinstein is just one – he’s the latest of many before him and many more to be revealed.
    Money, power, Politics, social-status, religious-status — dangle that carrot – – – tag; bill cosby, the clintons (read up), catholic priests/bishops, etc… to name a few that come to mind.


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