Shadiest part of reno and rebuild

I’ve been working in Hazmat for almost a decade and I’ve got a need to be honest.

Since leaving Ontario and coming here it’s (Alberta) run like a damn criminal underworld.

Over the years recently it’s gotten worse. Take asbestos removal for instance; Everything they’re doing now to remove these problems from your rebuild or knock down is borderline, or completely unsafe and illegal. Contaminated jobsites mean sick tradesmen or occupants.

There’s a mall in the belvedere area I’ll never take my two children to. Guys who cut corners to get raises or bonuses that never come. And the prices they charge are insane! So, it goes deeper. Most of the third party air monitoring is corrupt as hell too. It used to be that you’d be a little sneaky with an inspector to get a job finished, pull one over on them. but now I find myself saying “F**king seriously? I should invoice your company for providing training to your field tech!!.” And subcontractors that established companies hire. Wow. Zero safety, they charge thier own guys for respirator filters, hazmat suits, etc. And proceed to charge the same price to the client as well as part of a bid. This can apply to tools, waste bags, you name it. Not to mention, again. The contamination of your jobsites.

Sorry if you deal with these guys, there’s a few dudes out there I’ve met who still have the integrity to do it right. F**k sakes. Enjoy the cancer and prime contractors really should get their own guys trained so they can keep tabs. Protect your guys!



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  1. Trudy Lucas…sound familiar???

  2. Lonnie Beal Lonnie Beal says:

    thats the alberta advantage. ever wonder where all those new oh&s inspectors are?

  3. Justin Taylor I know you guys still do it right… thank god for that

  4. Trudy Lucas Trudy Lucas says:

    A good consultant will have the courage to stand tall, issue stop work orders and if all fails call OH&S if control measures are not in place.
    I do wish the general contractors educated themselves and take their heads out of the sand. It would relieve the stress off the consultants from being bullied by corner cutting abatement contractors. I’ve personally burned out too many times to count as a hazmat consultant. Why? Abatement contractors trying to bully me and allow them to cut corners. One superintendent of a abatement company accused me of harassment to the client after being bullied by him for 2 years. I guess he had enough of me standing my ground and not taking is corner cutting tactics. I took the heat but my control measures were adhered to so I won, again!
    It’s even more difficult being a female consultant. Trust me when I say it’s a man’s world still and having a Vjj does not help. God forbid if these men have to listen to a well educated woman who is the best interest of the workers and occupants.
    It’s sad these abatement workers are often foreign with language barriers. They don’t understand the laws and how to protect themselves. A few weeks ago I caught one worker on a 12 foot scaffold standing on a ladder! WTF where is their understanding of fall protection. The list goes on!
    I hope the new OH&S Act increases accountability.
    I hope Alberta sends more inspectors to these work sites and issues orders and fines.
    Let’s hit these companies in the bank account.
    I could go on!

    • Marie says:

      Trudy Lucas – Keep up the integrity! Still far too many short-cutters out there these days. Would have thought / hoped that would have changed. somewhat for the better, considering tougher economic conditions these days. i.e.; Do your best work = the assurance you will be kept working.

      Do Not Deviate!! … from doing what you do “the right way” –

      About women – my husband has had the opportunity to train both men and women on certain aspects of construction. So called ‘green’ women with zero previous experience, aced males with their journeyman (carpentry) tickets … ‘hands down, no contest’

      Why is this? This is because women are better listeners and follow instructions whereby by males think they have a better answer or solution to something already proven – eg.; integrating their own (genius) shortcut(s) that lead/can ultimately lead to various other ‘big’ issues further along.

      They don’t think things out. I sum it up to ‘egos’ … the male ego.

    • Marie says:

      Then touching on two other ‘past’ experience/scenarios;
      1) Where a ‘county’ foundation inspector was called to inspect a foundation. Inspector didn’t want to get out of his vehicle and walk up the hill to do his job, until my husband insisted he get out of the vehicle and do his job! That’s apparently how some inspectors do their work.
      2) Husband has been on sites where OH&S personnel contributed in creating very hazardous conditions, and never bothered to look/inspect other areas of the worksite that they should have had cause for concern. That’s apparently how some OH&S personnel prove to be hazardous themselves.
      Multiple Choice – What’s the answer?:
      Lack of training?
      Don’t like their job and shouldn’t be doing it? or
      Just plain stupid and don’t give a rats ass?

  5. Report it. It’s what you need to do to keep people safe. If you aren’t sure who to report to, PM me.

  6. Tre Hack Tre Hack says:

    Let’s be honest here, shady company’s are everywhere. I sure hope you’re reporting this instead of the passive aggressive post. People’s health isn’t something people should be allowed to get away with.

  7. This should be reported you know.

  8. Lisa Lutz Lisa Lutz says:

    Report your observations to the correct authorities…people deserve safety.


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