Shady Ladies on the Loose. Disappointed in my Fellow Females!

No sympathy given to the cold hearted Girls who think
Their man should pay and buy them the most expensive gifts or pay all the bills; you have no sense of being independent & can’t even support your self! Then these crazy chicks are having babies to hold against the guy, your a heartless lost soul , pray on others and make there life hell because he left your broke floppy lips,
Here’s where my head is at #1 Don’t bring kids into this world thinking it will bring you closer together or he will stay & not leave your dumb ass because first off you can’t even take care Of your own self #2. Get off your golden high horse your on & pay your own way, *broke “boss lady” #3. He will be leaving you regardless if you have a baby or not together, #4. You can’t expect the man to pay all your bills and give you all his money, you ain’t no women, sure ain’t ever going to be A role model, just another scandalous girl taking credit & belittling the father,
Ex; using there kids as pawns for money or leverage against the dad…OR THEY THINK THE MAN WILL STAY with them once they have the baby..IT only hurts the kids in the end—-> YOUR a selfish twisted deadbeat money hungry loser! Walking the streets at night trying to find the next bar around, looking like muffin top trolls.
Guessing 6 days s
Week your not around , your out partying , broke but getting free drinks the only way you can, sew them floppy thighs shut !!! They MUST be closed for 1 day when you’re pretending to be a perfect mom but everyone knows you ain’t around much; even your own kids will
Notice and remember how
Much you didn’t care for them, the tables will turn ladies! BUCK UP AND RAISE YOUR KIDS properly and with lots of love! Your selfishness will only
Haunt you in a few years
To come when you can’t get
Back all those missed memories .

MOTHERHOOD IS A BLESSING & privilege we should cherish…Give your head a shake if your reading this right now & you have some similarities that I ranted about always have time to change your ways, Don’t let your present effect the rest of
Your life with regrets made by foolishness. But SERIOUSLY SHAKE YOUR DAMN HEAD

** I know EVERYONE READING THIS KNOWS AT LEAST 1 person Who is similar!
FYI! •NOT ALL MEN ARE DEADBEATS, half the crazy shady baby mamas definitely played a huge part in not allowing visits etc.

To all the
SINGLE DADS & MOM out there making your children your top and main priority, I admire you & your ambition to provide the best you can for them, cash can and will get tight sometimes, but it’s love that comforts and brings each other closer. Your kids will admire every aspect of you caring and raising them. As for the parent who wasn’t around for them during there younger years. Karma will catch up to you —> Regret and guilt will eat you alive when your kids are old enough to understand why you weren’t there. Hope it eats you away slowly.

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  1. How much IS a WRP membership these days?

  2. Spelling. Grammar. I couldn’t even understand that mess.

  3. Susan Csapo Susan Csapo says:

    Wrap it..Problem solved..

  4. This has nothing to do with gender

  5. Could barely understand all this, but what I’m getting is a voice about values? There’s a lot of stuff going on here. Take care honey, try not to go at solving the problems of humanity alone – it’s taken everyone working together to get it this way.

  6. Ma Simm Ma Simm says:

    Couldn’t read past the first two sentences. Scrolled and saw blah blah blah

    Your fingers must be sore. Hope it was therapeutic for you.

  7. I stopped reading first segment I think I missed the point.

  8. TLDR

    I read about two sentences and decided you are nuts.

  9. You need to read it all..the post is calling out deadbeat moms that ditch there kids to party all the time and girls that only have kids to collect, it’s not stating the good working parents that have to put there children in child care and then someone else is raising them…you should read it all

  10. It’s incredibly sad how competitive and catty women are towards each other.

  11. I don’t think that’s what the OP is referring too. I think the OP is referring to the specific type of woman who EXPECTS a man to take of her and ones that have children to keep a man and then use the child as leverage. Not all stay at home mom’s.

  12. I agree with this and it is sad. Some people just do this, it is really stupid really

  13. Right, and who decides how much partying is too much? I really find it hard to believe that these moms had children for only one reason, if that is what it says then the OP is making an assumption about the mother’s deepest motivations, as if people are that simple. That’s equally shitty in my opinion.


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