Shaw Cable is a joke

Shaw is a joke and a gong show. My parents have a contract. Part of that contract expires in June. So on the next bill they will be charged extra.

SO they call and talk to the loyalty group. The gentleman on the phone tells then that the package that they currently have is no longer available. So he offers them this new package. Now they need my dad to finalize everything and he was busy. SO the guy tells my mom to talk it over and get back to them. SO my parents talk it over and decided to take the package. So the call back and get the loyalty group. But someone different this time. This person tells them that they misunderstood and could not have possibly been offered the deal that they were. So this person offers them another package offer. Told talk it over and get back to us. So again my parents talk it over and decide what they want to do. So they phone back and ask for the loyalty group. This time though the guy tells them that the Loyalty group will not take their call as there is nothing that they can do for them till June. My mom tells the guy what has gone on over the last few days and that they were told to phone back. He tries the loyalty group again and they refuse to take the call. So they do not want to deal with this issue till June but the next bill that my parents get will be for part of June and Part of July.

We were told to call them in April to renegotiate the contract so that they would not be billed extra. Now they won’t even take the call. What a joke. Then add on top of it all the 45 min to 1 hour-30 min wait time on the phone.

Really thinking that it is time for my parents and me to leave Shaw and go else where.



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  1. Jack says:

    Your parents are existing customers, Shaw does not care about them.


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