She talked to the “unwanted” guests…..

This is kinda long story….

So me and my girlfriend recently moved into a basement but ever since we moved in, weird shits just kept happening. Not things that are movie worthy… just small shits that make you think something is off.

My girlfriend is from UK and I’m sponsoring her through immigration process so I asked around for help because we don’t have much money. I got connected with this Asian girl from Taiwan. The day we met up in the cafe to get some documents checked out and while chatting, she asked us where we live and stuff. She is like a total quiet and low key typical Asian girl but quite intense. Me and my girlfriend didn’t think much until one day we were talking to her on the phone at home….

What happened was quite disturbing … at first she told us it’s too noisy and if we go somewhere quiet… and then she was saying stuff as if she was talking to someone else. Like she was calming a child down….holy smackeroo… me and my girl were staring at each other, it was only like a minute but it felt like an hour. After that she just kept on talking to us as if nothing happened.

We asked our mutual friend after the phone call, apparently she is known in their circle for that!!! Like one of those ppl who can see stuff. I have to admit those weird shits stopped happening but I’m not too sure if it’s all in my head… we never told anyone about the weird shits happening.


We are now too scared to ask her what really happened since we still have like eleven months left on our lease. Has anyone of you experienced this before? Met someone who can “see”? Or maybe you have heard of this girl?



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  1. Randi Adams Randi Adams says:

    I am so confused at what the hell I just read?
    Am I the only one?

  2. You’re being set up to get scammed. Punt her.

  3. Kevin Barry Kevin Barry says:

    I’ve read the article 3 times and I’m non the wiser. Weird stuff???

  4. Post translation:
    OP has a girlfriend from the UK whom he is sponsoring to immigrate here. He somehow met a woman from Taiwan who has experience with that type of immigration so he met up with her. She’s Asian and apparently acts the way OP assumes Asian women should act. Later while on the phone she was saying strange things, acting like it was very noisy when it wasn’t and talking to another person who wasn’t OP or his girlfriend. OP assumes she was seeing things and talking to people who don’t exist, possibly suffering from psychosis. OP is very inexperienced with mental illness and assumes that his new friend has psychic abilities.

    TL;DR – OP’s new friend probably has a toddler he’s unaware of and now he thinks she’s got the shining.

  5. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    No idea what this person is saying.

  6. Bekah Dugas Bekah Dugas says:

    This sounds all sorts of methed up..

  7. Ya wtf,doesn’t make sense

  8. What? So many questions to ask. So you and 2 other girls, one Asian and the other from uk? Did the Asian girl help you get money to get the uk girl here? Sooo You all
    Live together and you think it weird that the Asian talks to herself?
    I don’t know as well as others what you’re really trying to say.

  9. I think OP is trying to say that apparently they have guests of the supernatural variety in their home and the girl their talking about was talking to them. That was difficult to understand

  10. Nicole Keats Nicole Keats says:

    Can I get her info?? I need my house done. Fo reals. Please pm me.

  11. Anita Martini LOL

  12. No!! I’m lost….

  13. Ok. I read it 3 times and then read the comments. Omg, I have NO idea what I just read, 3 times!

  14. I don’t really understand what you’re getting at.. are you saying that after you spoke with this girl on the phone some supernatural things started happening in your home..? That’s the only thing I can make out of this story.

  15. Mark Lee Mark Lee says:

    Someone please give me the Cole’s notes in this posting, as I have no idea what I just read.

  16. I sense some holes in this story… please fill them in?

  17. Can u pls repost and clarify. This sounds interesting and I think I know what you’re saying but clearer details would help

  18. Lisa Hacker Lisa Hacker says:

    What I got from it is this Asian girl they were talking to on the phone started to talk like she was talking to someone else for like a fre minutes. Then they talked to their inner circle of friends who also know her and they said shes known to do this cause she talks to spirits. It hasnt happened since then but they are weirded out and not sure what to do cause this girl knows where they live cause of the talk they had at the cafe where she was helping them with documents for immigration.

  19. Don’t talk to her anymore. she’s in a call Room or something if it bothers you deal with official ppl you talked to in the first place to bring your partner in locally. It could be she was talking to her kid a side business or something who knows ? I have a friend that does deliveries that when he visits he talks in a different voice to them then to me he reverts back to his normal voice.

  20. Karo Li Na Karo Li Na says:

    Maybe it’s not the Asian girl…..maybe it’s you !


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