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Shoppers drug mart

April 1 2020, I went to go get Baby Formula and because I entered the building with a coupon. I was treated terribly by this. The only reason why I went to Shoppers drug Mart is because it was 5 minutes away from my house… rather than superstore waiting in line when I only needed baby formula. I am a single mother , who baby father passed away 5 months before he was born. I was laid off due the COVID 19 , and have yet to receive EI.

It is a common practice for Shoppers Drug Mart to refuse coupons, I recently found out. Since they are all privately owned and get to make own policies . Even though there policy clearly states they accept coupons…

My solution to my problem , was try another shoppers, if I could just travel to St Albert everyone nice . I was informed by other Shoppers employees that they were so sorry for my experience, however nothing I can do about the situation. I tried reaching out to Shoppers Drug Mart though email, phone calls and have to yet receive a response.

Shoppers Drug Mart , has recently came out with a new online program ,Jeff Ledger President of Shoppers went and acknowledged that financial hardships..
However I have to put my family at greater risk during a pandemic in order to just get baby formula because I have a coupon.
Coupons have been around since 1887.. before the COVID 19, I never would of shopped there .. I only went there because it was close and I needed baby formula. I never would expected to find some many other Canadians experiencing the same problem and getting ignored by Shoppers Head Office.

However with each of them being owned separate they have the power to do whatever they like. My mom said her sleeping pill doubled in price.. but that’s not the main issue. The issue is they reflect all complaints… they allow each store to make there rules.. and only half of the shoppers accept coupons or put limits on coupons when they paid back for using them. They rather have me put my family at risk and travel around the city till I find the nice shoppers drug mart then stick together as a team and honour there policies . If covid 19 has taught us anything its that we all need each other. We need to be working as a team not against each other. From the manufacture to the store to the employee to the consumer.
They get labeled as best retailer 2020 .. however they can’t even respect me to call me back . Its been 5 days of trying to get though to anyone about experience and I get the same response they privately owned can make up there own rules..



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  1. Mel says:

    My thoughts are and this is just a guess …I overheard a cashier While I was in SDM tell someone with a paper lottery ticket that they can’t accept it now be of covid. I don’t know convid on the paper or something I don’t know. Maybe this is the same reason. We are under special circumstances and honestly how much would you be saving?! Is it worth this much anger …probably not. Lol

  2. Samantha says:


    How much did you save with the coupon? My experience has been that SDM has items in stock but Superstores shelves tend to be bare – even before covid. Be thankful there’s any stores still open at all! And remember that there’s places that will no longer accept cash for a payment because cashiers are also putting themselves at risk being at work, and handing anything from a member of the public (cash or coupons) puts them potentially at greater risk.

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