Short Review for Carrington Condos Aviva

Bought our condo one year and 11 months ago and I’m still waiting for a stainless steel refrigerator door which was damaged before we moved in. The painter was very terrible. He was replacing a baseboard and tried painting over the fresh silicon he had just applied which just lumped up.

He thought it was fine. I fixed this myself and all the other messes he made. The pre-cleaning before move in was terrible. The cupboard installers and repairmen were terrible. The sales person is absolutely wonderful.



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  1. ..and keep those baseboards looking fresh and vibrant with the new baseboard buddy, for only 1995, but wait we’ll throw in another baseboard buddy free of charge, with shipping and handling of course!

  2. I use to work for them and mine is the same! I’m still fighting for warranty work 3 years later and our condo fees have had to go up 25% in total because of all their shady work needing to be replaced including the entire electrical panel system in both buildings.

  3. I as well bought from Carrington. Will be the last time to. Worst warranty service I’ve ever seen. I had to “fight” for just the basics to be fixed. They only put on one coat of paint (was to be 2 coats)so thin u could still see the drywall. They didn’t level the laundry unit whwn it was installed, ended up with a huge circles hole in the floor. Same as you there was NO cleaning done on possession day. And ended possession day on tears because I was told “you have to realize…your not buying a $500,000 home here okay”:(

    If these issues are still on your pre-occupancy they must be taken care of. For me I had to call an call asking when it’s gonna be completed. I would do it in email this way it’s in writing. Good luck! 🙂

  4. some people living in extreme conditions would love to have the problems you’re facing. They would be ecstatic.


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