Should I get curcumsized

I’m 39 and having some problems down their my doctor has recommended that I get curcumszied.

I live in Alberta is that something that is covered under Alberta health Care?

Is it painful I’m just worried about the whole thing. Has anyone ever had that done @ this age? What can I expect as in pro’s and cons of the procedure?



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  1. If I remember correctly from when I was an OR nurse, if the circumcision is medically necessary, it is covered by Alberta Health Care. About 10% of men have trouble with their foreskin that will lead to recommendation for circumcision, so you’re definitely not alone.

    Like any surgery, there will be pain during recovery and quite possibly some non-pain discomfort and itching as well as the area heals. The doctor can give you tips on keeping the discomfort and pain to a minimum during your recovery.

  2. Kelly Smith Kelly Smith says:

    If it’s medical why u need it done then yes it’s covered.. yes it’s gonna hurt healing will be harder at ur age n pain too. Try not to get an erection after surgery or for a week after so find all turnoffs n keep close. Polysporin n gauze for covering area after for few days so doesn’t get dry n stick to clothing. Good luck

  3. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    My brother had to get this done in his mid/late 20’s. He too, needed it done…was covered by health care because it was medically necessary. Good luck.

  4. Kathy Arndt Kathy Arndt says:

    Have you tried using a different soap. ex: if you use deodorant soap (Irish Spring, Lever 2000) might be time to switch to something milder.

  5. If it is for medical reasons it will be 100% covered. If you do it you will be in pain. You’ll have to take time off work to heal

  6. Kayla Lee Kayla Lee says:

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