Should I tell him again?

So I found out that I’m pregnant. Which is great since we’ve been trying. I meant to surprise my husband with a cute little announcement but instead I just showed him the test because I was so excited.

He’s pretty disappointed that I didn’t put any effort into it and now I’m pretty sad about the way I did it.

Should I put together a cute announcement and tell him again? Or just let it go?


Admin’s Note: It’s disappointing to hear that he was actually disappointed with the way you told him. That in and of itself doesn’t make sense to me, actually. It’s not like asking someone to marry you. But, to each their own! Either way, I’m happy for the two of you. Congratulations. 🙂 — Jody Mitoma


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  1. Doug Krentz Doug Krentz says:

    Sounds like you’ll have two babies in the house in 9 months time.

  2. So his job is done, now you have to deal with brewing a second being inside you and he wanted a mini party announcement for him…

    Tell him to get his sh*t together. The pregnant part is what matters, not the firework announcement…

  3. The cats out the bag to tell him now wouldn’t be the same as the first time. Maybe do something for the gender reveal instead.

  4. I feel sorry for YOU! I peed on a stick and screamed and shoved it in my husbands face, I was so damn excited! There is no way I could have waited to tell him by doing something cute to tell him. I hope your husband isn’t a dick. Right now he sounds like a pouty dickhead.

  5. Kel E Ameroh Kel E Ameroh says:

    Lol. Pinterest is ruining everything. My ex H found out exactly the same way – by being shown the positive test sticks. He then saved both of the positive tests for years in his dresser drawer lol he was so sentimental about them.
    Put him in charge of documenting the pregnancy photos in some cute way. Lol

  6. Write the news on a potato then beat him to death with it. We respond very well to this method

  7. This is the stupidest shit I read today…get over it…or maybe he don’t even want a kid…who gets mad over that?!?! So dumb!!!

  8. Oh geeze. Most ridic thing I read today. Just move isn’t a movie

  9. He needs to grow up fast or else you’ll have two children to look after!

  10. Colby Bull Colby Bull says:

    Says a lot about the situation you’ve literally no one else to talk to about your pregnancy.

  11. Angela Budd Angela Budd says:

    Go ahead, but in a way he would completely NOT expect. Do It for the gender or something.

  12. He can get over it. Hormones are running amok in your body.
    Sometimes it is better not to make a fuss and some people are all about the fuss.
    You could ask him to be part of the birth announcement to your family so he can re-live the excitement but once you know, can’t really surprise them.

    Congratulations to you both. Safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery! All the best to you and your little family!

  13. I’d just let it go. He should be excited for the baby with you, instead of being disappointment in the amount of effort that you shouldn’t have to do in your excitement to share the good news. THat’s his issue to have to deal with, not yours to have to cater to.

  14. Shelley Lohr Shelley Lohr says:

    Congrats sorry about the father

  15. Lois Sunley Lois Sunley says:

    let it go sorry he was like that time he grows up stops pouting how silly it is a joy to have a baby when you want one

  16. Perhaps set up a big surprise for a gender reveal for him.

  17. Debbie Ward Debbie Ward says:

    Just grow up, for petes sake!!!!!

  18. Most people don’t do that shit, anyhow.

  19. Perhaps he will feel better if you hire a van with loudspeakers blasting the pregnancy out to the city.

  20. And peeing on a stick is exciting for you?

  21. Kira Kreiser Kira Kreiser says:

    Your husband sounds like a douche.

  22. Just let it go. And fu k him for being a big baby about it. Wow….

  23. Cindy Gillis Cindy Gillis says:

    Tell him not to get his panties in a bunch. Get over it !

  24. My husband found out because I was saying “HOLY FUCK” over and over in the bathroom. Then I came out and showed him the pee stick.

    You should both let it go and tell him again. Make him a card that says “you’re going to be a daddy” but fill it with coupons for him to get you ice cream at 3am, foot rubs, back massages, etc.

    Example: you are entitled to give me an hour long massage while I cry and eat pickles tonight before bed!

  25. Having a baby is pretty exciting all by itself. I don’t understand why anything else is needed. Congratulations.

  26. I’d tell him that you put as much “effort” into it as he did….lol

  27. Let it go, he’s an idiot man child.

  28. Lakon Stark Lakon Stark says:

    Omg are you serious? Hes a man child

  29. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    What does he want, a circle of strippers with coke to snort off their tits ?? Tell him to get over it. Though that’s probably it…

  30. My husband was very excited to find out we were expecting by looking at the stick. It shouldn’t be about how he finds out but that you are expecting. I took the test in the Walmart bathroom, which I’m assuming has been done more times than one thinks. I went to his job site (he’s the owner) called him to the car handed him the stick and the box. We did our little cry gave each other a kiss and I went home. (We have been trying for 3 years). I’ll be 35 weeks on Friday.

    Tell him to get over it. Do something special for a gender revival if you want.

  31. Cote Taleah Cote Taleah says:

    Tell him to call the wah-bulance.

  32. Anne Thalen Anne Thalen says:

    Sounds like you already have a baby!
    Anyway, Congratulations to both of you!

  33. Seriously? You have fantastic news like that and he is pouting because you didn’t arrange a flashy presentation? Wow is he in for a disappointing life. That is just the most ridiculous thing I ever heard.

  34. Tyler Seguin what a baby.. I showed you the pee stick and we were both excited.

  35. Bj Wam Bj Wam says:

    Sounds like your husband is the one with a vagina

  36. Hes been watching tooooo many birth announcements on the net. I say go for it, do it again somehow, you love him and want him to be excited!

  37. Tanya Begin Tanya Begin says:

    You found out by peeing on a stick to see if a line appears.. why should you make a show for your husband? Honestly, if he’s disappointed by finding out like most people do that he’s about to receive one of life’s most beautiful gifts, then he may want to brace himself for a lot of disappointments in life.. your child won’t wait until he’s home from work to say their first word or take their first steps either.

    Why don’t you plan a gender reveal together so you find out at the sex at the same time, and you can share that exciting moment together..

  38. Jules Maria Jules Maria says:

    Wtf. You didn’t do something to go viral so he’s upset?

  39. His reaction is petty and frankly disappointing. I am happy for you though! Congrats!

  40. Whats done is done. Maybe when you find out the gender have a friend come with you then have a gender reveal party and include him as well. That could make up for it.

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