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Should Judges and justices be elected or appointed?

The judicial system in Canada and Alberta is highly corrupted and I am curious to hear others views on whether Judges and Justice should continue to be appointed of finally be elected.

There are also endless justices and judges who are highly political and affiliated to specific parties, making our justice system not just corrupted but political and conflicted. Further to that, those who wish to judge others while being publicly funded to do so, should be ready and able to be judged by the public prior to judging members of society. It is obvious that our judges and justices not only avoid any judgement or criticism but also manage to be appointed based on favouritism.

I would like to hear everyone’s views. Please add good and bad experiences with judges and justices within “our” free, democratic, just and transparent system, if you have any.



8 Responses

  1. Terry Rocchio, il stronzo. says:

    What the fuck is going on here?!?!
    It’s the greaseball bro and superduperintendent Terry Rocchio. I had 40 years of service of service with the highly diligent and honourable EPS and I also received the ummm pah pah pipes and drums esoteric order of merit, so I know what is going on!
    This is what happens when you make cuts to the EPS: there are thousands of gangs on the streets of Edmonton now and China, Russia and Islam are posting about our philanthropists on this site. Ya, I see lots of bros and worthy leaders under the “vaginal rejuvenation”, “letters for pazo” and “family lawyer with legal aid”! This is blasphemy!
    My girl and lodge prosti Karen Principe did the right thing by supporting us but the others endangered us all! With all the bad news, I ask Edmonton to get out and show some support for handsome handsome classy Gene and Sportsnet, honest real estate agents like Terry Paranych and most importantly YOUR masonic-jew Katz and OEG Oilers. Oh don’t forget to also support FC Edmonton, Edmonton Soccer Association and the Scottish Soccer Club because Edmonton has the facilities, weather, turf and talent to host every FIFA cup.
    I see Tullio and Justina Filice made the posts also, so let’s all get down to Sicilian Pasta Kitchen or get a contract with Pagnotta Industries to show support for the famiglia and craft.

    So with China obviously targetting us, is that enough for all the non-cowards and non-fools to boycott Beijing now?

    Praise Christian and Jewish Zionism!

  2. peter michalyshyn says:

    Big shoutout to nepotist appointments and polish-jews! I am the great and big man Justice Peter Michalyshyn. I am not so certain I know whats going like all superior Polish but I am grateful for Rabbi Chinabad Harper; he is one of my favourite zionists after my appointment. My past jew firm Chatwin LLP was also a big help finding my place in the Queen’s UGLE Bench.
    I love zionism, esoteric agenda, depravity and our judicial mafia because I finally became man from a fratboy. but more importantly I love mmmmmmmmm abused and abducted kids from broken families. I sometimes pretend I am Ukrainian in hopes to rattle the saber with evil Russia. Wachowich is still a mentor today and the polish prince is looking even more sickly and creepy than before.

  3. Mark Cohon says:

    Appointments are the way to go! And jewboy Richard Wagner is the best SCC Justice ever!
    I am another highly credible and self-made masonic-jew: greaseball from CHIcaga, McDonald’s Canada heir, past CFL commissioner appointment (and Yahweh bless pedo masonic jew Goldstick for the Eskimos knotHOLE gang), order of masonic pedo jew Ontario appointment, ilkustrious besos Amazon delegate appointment and even CARAS/Junos appointment.

    Remember MY name!…Mark the little shit Cohon.

    Long live jewry, zionism, pedophilia, genocide and masonic agents!

  4. Rosalie Abella says:

    Did somebody mention the polish-jew Wachowich’s? I’m a polish-jew too! Who is this incorrigible fuck who even suggested justices should be elected? That’s not how this works! you think we are just going to give the people law, order, transparency, impartiality, due process, human rights, children’s rights and discretionary law instead of arbitrary law? Get real kid, we’ve been doing this since we arrived on our land.
    If masons and jews had to be elected then we would require merit to rule! As a recently retired SCCJew-Justice I can tell you this is high treason and the most ridiculous notion I have ever heard.

    Long live pedophilia, genocide, zionism and the Queen of the UGLE.

  5. Sal Pedo Lovecchio says:

    Did someone mention masonic-pedo Bennett Jones, pedo Chretien and freakmason Allen? I’m in tight with them and am even Calgary’s integrity commissioner! As a greasy half jew, half wop child predator, I was also part of the masonic jewdicial mob! I was one of the all time greatest Justices around!
    I can’t wait until Bennett Jones homosexual and boylover John Baird is back in alberta, I wanna circle jerk with him.
    Remember my name Sal Lovecchio.
    Long live masonic jewry, the pedo masonic royals and the queen of the UGLE!

  6. Rob Horner says:

    Lodge Prosti Karen Horner is the best justice in the universe. She really advocates for Chinabad zionist Harper, pedo masonic Dentons and pedo Chretien, pedo masonic Bennett Jones, murderers, misappropriation of billions to crude- bitumen and environmental destruction. She even stayed properly biased for the anti-alberta irrational fear inquiry teamed up with Dentons pedo Allan Wachowich’s son David Wachowich and masonic fruitcake Steve Allen who also has a conflict of interest with pedo Dentons also.
    The EPS are also the best. Great bunch of men like the Fedechkos and Horners. I get erect thinking about our little boys with toys club. I’ve actually never met such incredible people before. Poland and Denmark have finally conquered lowly Canada.
    St.Albert is also the best. It really is masonic-jewville. Get down to St.Albert Dodge to see me for the world’s best engineering! Please also get down to city hall and see lodge prosti Cathy Heron; she needs some ideas, discretely of course, what to replace the masonic pedo Scout signage at the welcome sign.

  7. IndependentContractor says:

    Pedo Dentons, whale Justice Barbara B. Johnston, liberal appointment, $12000 donation to UCP party.
    Political, corrupt, stunned, useless, criminal.
    Another Dentons coincidence.

  8. Youvebeenjudged says:

    Fire all those fratboyz and make sure Alberta manages their pensions so they won’t get a pension