Shout out to all the hospital staff

I just want to give a shout out to all the nurses and doctors working especially around the holiday time. Two days ago I started feeling excruciating pain in my abdomen and back. I went straight to the grey nuns emerge. I walked through the door to a room full of people and a line up to get triaged. I sat in pain whimpering at times screaming and crying in pain. At one point I laid on the ground just to try and get some relief from the pain. It only took about 5-10 mins to get to the front in which they got my information and I got a wrist band and was admitted. Once they gave me some pain meds the pain slowly subsided. The person who did my intake I believe his name was Cole. He came in just to check up on me and apologize I had to wait to go in. I found this very thoughtful but total understood they were just doing there jobs. I spent that night in the emergency room where I had a handful of nurses consistently checking up on me and making sure they helped with my pain. Thank you! I was then transferred by ambulance to the misericordia hospital. Once there I was put in a room where I waited for surgery. The nurses there were fabulous I had one nurse for both days I was there and she made me feel so comfortable especially since I was pretty emotional about surgery and being away from my 8month old daughter in which the longest I’ve been away from was a couple of hours. I was brought down for surgery they checked me in then brought me to the room. There was one nurse in particular who was so sweet. They put the oxygen mask on me and my eyes began to water. She told me I could hold her hand. Little gestures like this I hope they know mean so much. I went to sleep and woke up from surgey feeling much better. I spent the night for observation and was discharged the following day. To often I see people bashing the hospitals when really we should all take for grante that we get the care that we get. And just want to thank all the staff at the hospitals!



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