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Shoutout to our Edmonton Police and First Responders

Was listening to 96.3 this morning and got tears in my eyes when I heard the story of Thomas who had a birthday recently and has been bullied in school. Poor boy missed his bus the morning of his birthday and an Edmonton police officer.. Austin… picked him up and gave him a ride to school.

On the way Thomas told officer Austin about his misfortune and how he thought no one would show up to his birthday party because of the bullying. The next day officer Austin and some fellow co officers showed up at Thomas’ home with donuts and celebrated with him…huge kudos to the first responders on making a boy’s birthday happy!



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  1. Sam Douglas do you have the statistics to prove those crimes?

  2. Carol Maser Carol Maser says:

    Good guys, Awesome!!!

  3. Ughhhhhhh..this drives me crazy!! Parents ..if ur child gets invited to a bday just show up ..last year my daughter had not one of her school friends come to her party ..worst feeling ever!!

    • Lee-Anne Desjarlais-Kuntz I am so sorry to hear this. This makes me sad because Jayda seems like a great girl from your posts. I hope she finds some great friends like I had in you and the girls in school.

  4. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    JR Tyler 1.) Nearly more employed than I can stand, thanks, but I might not work as hard at my job(s) as you do at your glory hole.
    2.) Not all cops are terrible, just the ones who go to birthday parties while on duty.

    • EdmontonPigletServices says:

      All EPS are scum and have the education of that school boy. That is a fact. Steriods, drugs, clandestine labs, cyber stalking and hacking, drugging girls, beating people in alleys, arresting victims and enabling criminals, racism, impaired driving, etc.

      Whenever I see an EPS officer now, I greet him with a middle finger. The females, i tell to get an education and a real job so they won’t have to worry about sexual harassment.

  5. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    Andrea McLellan Didn’t say it was “against rules”, but cops aren’t paid to show up to birthdays, they’re paid to patrol the streets on top of answering calls. Pay attention.

  6. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    Yeah cops better smarten up and do a lot more PR building to fix up their image. It’s often pretty murky with all the cell phone and body cams on YouTube videos of police brutality and killings.

  7. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    Michelle Prinsen On the contrary; I get a criminal background check literally every day, unlike the average police officer. I just know they have better things to do with their time.

  8. Sam Douglas typical response from someone who has a reason to not like cops, maybe a record? The donut comment is a little old.

  9. Sam Douglas you are not being realistic. You are being a troll.

  10. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    Kelsey Gould Not trolling, and the location is irrelevant.

  11. Kelsey Gould Kelsey Gould says:

    It was in Michigan. Chill on being a troll.

  12. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    Deb Kerr I’d celebrate if I knew for sure that those cops were off duty. Just being realistic.

  13. Deb Kerr Deb Kerr says:

    Sam Douglas yes that’s right, think of the worst negative you can! Don’t want to have a feel good story to be celebrated!

  14. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    Stacey Benson Sounds like an issue for his parents, teachers, or caregiver right now, not the EPS.

  15. Being a good cop is also about being there for people. Jeeze jerk develop some humanity

  16. Sam Douglas you do realize that this boy who was being bullied and is feeling alone is statistically more likely to become a criminal as he grows up, right? Showing him that someone cares, and that cops are good guys might change his path. He may even become an officer when he grows up because of this act of kindness.

  17. Sam Douglas even if they were on duty they also can do good. I think it’s good they did this for a child. It’s shows children that they can trust the cops rather than be scared of them. A police officers job isn’t just about fighting crime. It’s also about doing good and creating trust with young children. I worked at playgrounds with children in Lower income area and if a cop biked through they would stop and play a game of tag or shoot hoops with the kids and they loved it. I’m sure if there was a crime that they where needed they would excuse themselves.

  18. Edmonton police?!?!?! Is there a link?

  19. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    Justin Watson I hope so, but the story doesn’t specify.

  20. maybe they were off duty?

  21. Sam Douglas seriously wtf man? Let’s just say thank you for once to the EPS cause really they get a bad rap already….. shits gonna happen no matter what, actually while the EPS and EMTs of this city were taking care of my dying friend on the side is the road after being hit by a drunk driver there was a robbery and a DUI and a case of domestic abuse but you know what, I’m glad my friend had the EPS talking to her while she took her last breathe. So next time you make a comment like this please think twice you absolute fuck……troller

  22. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    The story just says “cops”; nothing about them being off-duty.

  23. Sam Douglas guess you didn’t think they could have been off duty on their own time?

  24. Beautiful Sam Douglas I can tell u always see the bright side of things

  25. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    Jeanette Sutherland I’m not wrong. Cops aren’t paid to go to random kids’ birthday parties.

  26. Holy fuck…no that’s a proper police officer….

  27. Is there a link to this story?

  28. Bullying is such a problem. Not just in schools. Kudos to our men in uniform!

  29. Josh Bauer Josh Bauer says:

    The stories you never hear.

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