Shoutout to WCB workers!

Recently received a settlement from WCB for a vehicle accident. Due to an accounting error I was overpaid, phoned immediately to let them know of the error, said it was mine for any future medical cost incurred.

Fast forward a month or two later, I get a letter in the mail saying there was an accounting error and I in fact owed WCB $1500 as I was over paid.

Said settlement money was spent on student loans and I offered to do monthly payments to repay the overpayment.

Because I was willing to commit to repaying the overpayment and spent the money on my student loans they voided the over payment and say Merry Christmas.

Just wanted to thank the WCB workers for the Extra finiancial help!



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  1. And they say miracles never happen!!!

  2. Dave Valente Dave Valente says:

    I find this very hard to believe

  3. Hard to believe. Maybe an employee was being nice inside their cubicle and going against company policy. Now after this post some scrooge is going to report it and the entire department is going to get audited and someone will get into trouble. Yikes hopefully im wrong

  4. I gotta call b.s.been dealing with these people for 2 years after my accident @ work. Left me with 38% use of my upper body, and absolutely gotta fight for everything/ anything. I’ve grown into a greater understanding of why the people hate the “insurance company of the people” never been more disgusted.

  5. Nice to see WCB workers being generous with employers money…. I bet the employer will be thrilled when they find this out.

  6. I call b.s.. I work for a place and deal with wcb all day everyday. We can’t get them to pay for the tiniest bit of treatment or extra treatment on patients who have gone thru alot and need it to recover and get back to work, but they are going to overpay you 1500 and let it go? Umm yea maybe on Pegasus Island in your dreams but not in this lifetime!

  7. lucky you. I truly hope you were putting in a legitimate claim as opposed to the lazy prick who “pretended” to be injured and when caught on video doing exactly what he said he couldn’t do tried to blame me for ratting him out when he triggered an investigation by claiming to be more vastly injured than he actually was. They cut his sorry ass off….if you are genuine, good for you~

  8. Amanda Kerr Amanda Kerr says:

    Not buying this. They charge even if dr doesn’t examine you.

  9. …..said no one ever.

  10. They’ve had lots of time to get things figured out, instead they lolly gagged around that’s their problem


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