Is this sign really so confusing?

This little sign sits on 34th avenue at 50th, westbound. There is also one for eastbound traffic. It amazes how every single day people are still turning left at the intersection when they aren’t supposed to.

It’s super annoying because it means that we are sitting waiting for people to turn and it’s creating major traffic jams, and makes me nearly late for work every day. I’d take another route, however every major avenue from 23rd to 51st is under construction and traffic is just as bad, if not worse.

Please don’t turn left where there’s a “no left turn” sign. I don’t like sitting on the horn!

And yes, I realize that as a driver, I probably shouldn’t be taking photos while my car is in drive. I was stopped at a red light. Doesn’t make me innocent, I know.



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  1. As you’ll notice, there’s a 45degree angle in quadrant 3

  2. Don’t you know? This is the age of the ‘entitled’! Signs and laws don’t apply to them! I see it every day. People parking where there is no-parking, flipping illegal U-turns in front of the No U-turn signs. But my biggest pet peeve is this…..why is it that folks can’t make turns correctly?! Why is this so hard?

  3. Kristle Gage Kristle Gage says:

    I agree with this, however drivers have zero fucks to give when it comes to road rules. The signs are right at the lights in each direction and there is no notification prior to this that there is no left turn.

    Drivers will get to the front of the line and realize there is a no left turn sign. Since there is no alternative because they are right at the intersection, they will make the turn anyway because it would be UNACCEPTABLE to go straight through and have to take an alternative route to their destination which could take an extra 2 minutes.

    I am not sure if there is somewhere to suggest that whoever is in charge of this construction project makes it clearer that there are no left turns? Perhaps placing a sign before the closure of the left lane. That could possibly eliminate this issue.

  4. Do what I do……lay on my horn. LOL

  5. Val Martens Val Martens says:

    When the construction began there was no sign saying no left turn. I carefully checked. The sign came up later and I confess I missed it. I have a ticket and will pay it and will, of course, no longer turn left there as long as the sign remains. I long for the end of construction season.

    It’s a pricey ticket people, don’t turn left there!!

  6. Mitchel Alyssa Curtis lol.

  7. One of the signs reads “no left turn for ETS” I believe. But I could be wrong.

  8. EPS are giving out tickets now finally, maybe that will send the message!

  9. You could leave for work a little earlier.

    • Ange Freer Ange Freer says:

      People could stop making left hand turns at a site that is clearly marked with a “no left turn” placard too.

    • I’m talking about doing something in the meantime about being late for work. Wasn’t that the Op’s real problem? This is just a suggestion something that the OP actually has some control over while people slowly get the message through recieving traffic tickets.

  10. Proper driving lessons should be mandatory.

  11. And than there’s this girl…hard to tell but she is in the wrong lane altogether.


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