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Mother of seven year old again

It is considered a cosmetic surgery and they won’t cover it, I have only been in Alberta for less then a year so I’m not sure if that plays a factor in being approved or not I was simply told it won’t be covered.

I am not making Christmas all about gifts if you didn’t read my post I said I would take anything and divide it for her birthday as well so she has SOMETHING for both occasions.

I am honestly hurt that people commented such rude things like ” smells like last week’s fish” really?

I’m having a hard time. Feeling like a faliure and came to a d Facebook group for help because I’m so lost on what to do and your perfectly okay with putting down an already broken down mother.

I am trying my dam hardest to do everything I can for my child. To give her the best life and help I can offer. And right now that means finding a way to get this covered or coming up with the 4000 to do it.

To those who gave links and did offer advise, thank you. It was and is much appreciated and I will try everything that’s been offered.

If you don’t have nothing nice to say keep scrolling

I’m doin my best. Stop making me out to be a bad guy l.



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  1. Has your child’s seen an ophthalmologist for this? You just need them to state it is medically necessary and it will be covered by Alberta health. My daughter had the surgery last year and it was covered. I didn’t have to fight for it at all. She was referred and got in. Maybe try another doctor?

  2. Derek Walsh Derek Walsh says:

    This is Facebook and you more than likely won’t get very many nice responses although you will get the odd good response. Hop on reddit. More civilized and you’ll get better advice and trolls get banned ASAP

  3. Find a Facebook group that specifically targets your area of concern/interest.

  4. Jeim Ton Jeim Ton says:

    I’m so sorry people are so rude. I do not know how you must feel but I certainly know when I read your post you were honest and concerned and exhausted all avenues

  5. I believe you can get financing for these types of surgeries.. I know they have it for boob jobs etc.. Ill see if I can find the link.

  6. It’s sad isn’t it, that they let the trolls stay in the group? Continually kicking people down when they are asking for help. You never see them comment on the posts where people are given a shout out for doing good in the community. There are quite a few who neither have anything good to say or offer any legitimate advice. Seems their whole purpose is to make their day judging, laughing and putting people down. I hope you find the help you need. There was some good advice from the original thread.

    • Brandon Hogg Brandon Hogg says:

      Corri Gelinas hit the little button that says “report to group admins”. We try out best, but sometimes one or two get through.

      We will review each report and take necessary action from there.

  7. Jessica Xu Jessica Xu says:

    I’m sorry that you’re going through that but that’s Facebook for you.
    You cannot expect everyone to be nice to you

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