Sister inlaw trouble

My sister inlaw is a total B. I really don’t like her and have done everything to be nice to her. I have given her clothing, had her over for dinner etc. My brother said she doesn’t like me cause I am moody which is B.S.

The thing is my brother won’t come around anymore and I miss him. I have invited him and my nephew over but he won’t come without her. She is rude to our parents and other sibling. Nobody likes her yet he can’t see it!!! Or just won’t come because she won’t come. Our children are months apart and she doesn’t care because her brothers have lots of kids so he has lots of cousins on her side. Like my child doesn’t even matter to her. I blocked her on Facebook and so has everyone in the family. However I wasn’t able to see pictures of my nephew as my brother doesn’t share only saw because she would tag him in it. I ended up unblocking her only to find out she has blocked me!!! She really is a witch! I wish my brother would divorce her and it annoys when he post stupid meme’s on how much he loves her …barf!

Do I just be nice to this woman so my brother and nephew come around? Or do I have a family intervention so he realizes he is married to a horrible woman?



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  1. Punch her in the mouth lol

  2. You be nice. Because he’s chosen her over you. If you want a relationship with him, play nice.

  3. She is his wife. You won’t get between them. Maybe you’d better admit to your moodiness. If you want to be in your brother‘s lifeyou had better decide to like her. I think maybe the wrong person has the”B” attaced here.

    • I don’t quite agree. If the poster does not like the SIL then she does not have to change her feelings, just how she expresses them to/around others. I personally have family (in-laws and extend, and at time, immediate) that I don’t like/can’t stand but I keep those feelings to myself or express them to those I trust. You kids are family, so you need to be the “bigger” person and say something to the point of “Let agree to disagree.”

  4. Brandi Young Brandi Young says:

    Take her to lunch talk about your issues if you want your brother and nefew in your life. That’s his wife and he isn’t gonna leave her because the family doesn’t like her. Sometimes it’s sucks but it’s life’! Pick and choose your battles that are worth a uproar of a fight. I know from experience. I’m just lucky my brother seen through his 1st baby mom and his wife and I get along great ! Good luck

  5. An eye for an eye makes the world go blind

  6. You need to be nice. If you want a relationship with your brother and his kids, you have to be nice. If she is really as big a bitch as you say, he knows it too. Do you think it helps him at all that you and the rest of the family are blocking her and engaging in childish behaviour with her. That’s your brother’s choice and if you love him…you treat her like family. And if one day it all falls apart you at least will still have a relationship with your brother and can help him through it. She is his choice, not yours. His choice is not your business…being a good sister is.

  7. You blocked her and now your mad that she blocked you? Suck it up. Sometimes you need to be the bigger person.

  8. Grow up and worry about yourself and your kids. You’re only going to push your brother away from you more.

  9. Too bad for you, guess you have to ADULT and be a mature person. Your brother CHOSE this person to be his partner. You can either tolerate her and be civil OR cut ties. Only one of these options will work. Good luck!

  10. Cindy Dato Cindy Dato says:

    You be the bigger person here, I know what your going through. Put on your big happy face on when your around her. She doesn’t need to know how much you really dislike her, and let her call you whatever she wants. Honestly who really gives a shit, you and your family knows who she really is, so take her comments with a grain of salt. Keep her blocked on Facebook Don’t unblock her. So when you see your brother and his lovely wife, put your fake face on and have a fantastic time. I’m rooting for you!

  11. Kathleen Rae Kathleen Rae says:

    I have one of those sister in laws and I have only seen my brother maybe 4 times in the last 20 years.

  12. You go on a rant saying how nice you are to her. But your post is anything but nice.
    Your brother married her. You do not have to like his choice but you must respect it – just as he respects the choices in who you married.
    Its tough, but either you accept it or leave it alone. The little cousins are being deprived of knowibg eachother because od adult foolishness.

    A family intervention? Serious? You’ve been watch watching too much TV.
    Try that and you WILL make your brother choose between his wife and you….. and you won’t be coming out the winner either.

    His wife, his business – mind your own business.

  13. he loves her..end of story..if you want to get your brother back you and your family better start trying to get to know her better and treat her with are ganging up on her..not a pleasant situation for her or your brother

  14. So you’re angry because after you “unblocked” her you found out she had “blocked” you?….Why is so bad when she does it, but okay for you to do it. Suck it up….she’s his wife and he loves her.

  15. beer flavoured nipples… fucking over men’s already shit judgement of their cunt S.O forever.

  16. Kevin Barry Kevin Barry says:

    Some of these replies are so immature, if you really want to face your demons and settle your differences once and for all, there’s only one option,,,,,, DANCE OFF!!!!!

  17. Um yes. It’s called adulting.

  18. Cee Dee Hawn Cee Dee Hawn says:

    He’s a bloody adult. Quit blaming her for his choice to ditch you.

  19. Jocelyn Bear Jocelyn Bear says:

    I think my SIL made this post but left out my daughter! Kidding. She probably isn’t all that bad if he stays married to this woman. If the family were so “nice” to her, guaranteed she would want be in your lives. But she doesn’t so there’s obviously something wrong here. I want to say so much but I’ll just keep it to myself lol.

  20. “She doesn’t like me because I’m moody…”

    Judging by the tone in your post, I’m inclined to agree here…

  21. Erin Julien Erin Julien says:

    I got lost at blocking her on FB… seems immature. Maybe you both have issues. Arrange a coffee date, just you and her- no kids or husbands and figure your shit out for the sake of your families. Life is too short for BS. You have to be willing to admit your stuff too though.

  22. Vanna Brule Vanna Brule says:

    If my husband’s family invited him and our children over and specifically excluded me, he wouldn’t want to go either. Nor would I tolerate anyone trying to exclude just my husband, family or not.

    I’d love to hear her side of the story. Like, you’re mad she blocked you when you blocked her first? Lol

    If your brother is important to you, you should try and talk it out with her. Be kind to her. You catch more flies with honey.

  23. Rowena Eger Rowena Eger says:

    Most times when we don’t like someone,it is because we don’t know them. If your brother married her and has children with her,annnd is willing to forego family functions out of respect for her,then there is at least one other person in your family who thinks she’s pretty fabulous. Try getting to know the woman you brother loves,and don’t be surprised if it takes a while or she is apprehensive,you have not given her a very warm welcome from the sounds of it.

  24. Ohhhh, I would LOVE to hear the sister-in-laws side………

  25. Marie says:

    IMHO OP! If I were you… I would just ‘let things go’ … Sounds as though the rest of your family has ‘let the situation go’, so maybe you ought to too.
    Unfortunate and a sad situation that can happen sometimes in some families.
    You need to remember one thing. And that is; you/your family are now 2nd in line — for sis-in-law has used her magic and has your dear brother wrapped. Wrapped in places only he ventures to go. Yeah.
    “Let it go … let them go” … accept what you cannot change nor should you even attempt to change.
    If sis-in-law is that bad and the writing is on the wall for all (but your bro.) to see – “chances are” it’s only a matter of time – – – ‘let it go’ and move on with life.

  26. Debbs Debb Debbs Debb says:

    First. It’s more about how you treat her than how she treats you. You can’t control how she treats you. But one thing that you are in control of is yourself.
    From the sounds of it. You are hurting from not being able to see your brother or nephew. You’re growing more resentful of her. Which Is only driving your brother further from you. He married her, obviously he loves her and is on her side. (as any loving husband should be)
    He’s protecting her feelings from the hostile environment that your family seems to be hosting.

    It’s a vicious cycle. You’re mad at her because you unblocked her, she saw your name pop up she blocked you
    You can’t really be mad at someone for treating you the same way you did them?
    If you are mad at her actions please look what you did to her first. And show empathy.

    Put yourself in your brothers and Brothers wife’s shoes.
    Would you want to go somewhere where everyone hates your significant other? ? And clearly no one likes them ? I wouldn’t want to go where I’m not wanted or liked. Family or not.
    So instead of looking for someone to back you up because of what she did or didn’t do..
    This is about you. What have you done that you can own up to?
    And what is it that you’re going to choose to do now?
    If you do decide to want to make up and get over it.. You cannot expect her to want to as well. She might not be ready. She might never be ready
    You can not force what you want on others.
    You’re not in control of what they say or do or feel.
    But you can be in control of your actions Of how you talk, think, or act. You are a the Role model for your son. Show him humility and kindness.
    Contribute to the relationship. Don’t continue to poison it with negative talk thoughts and actions.

  27. I’ve been through this with my sons girlfriend who is now his ex
    Everyone in the family was nice to her for his sake otherwise we would never have seen him
    Going through this with both my brothers same thing we put up with these bit#hs in order to have a relationship with my brothers

  28. Candice Ball Candice Ball says:

    I’m not sure if she is the horrible one here..

  29. An orgy is in order, that’ll straighten everyone out

  30. Nasab Radwan Nasab Radwan says:

    …. But you do seem moody. You just called her a witch for doing to you what you did to her first. How dramatic.

    And word to the wise, when you block someone (or they block you) you cant see any of their stuff – even if mutual friends are tagged. If youre going to victimize yourself, do it right.

  31. His life his choice live with it !

  32. Betty Jean Betty Jean says:

    Go have a mud fight…life’s to short to hate family.

  33. Mal Esther Mal Esther says:

    “Or do I have a family intervention so he realizes he is married to a horrible woman?” From that sentence alone, I am not surprised the sister in law wants nothing to do with any of you. It sounds like you and your family take no responsibility and it’s all the SIL’s fault. You all sound very emotionally immature. Sit down and talk to her but be kind and be open to listening, tell her you’d love to have a better relationship with her IF that’s what you want. What I suspect from your message is your family feels very united in your gossip, anger and dislike of the SIL and sometimes that becomes a pattern that’s hard to break.

  34. seriously confront your demons , try be nice and tell her you should start over , family is family ,and she is part of it being the mother of your nephew ,and wife of your brother , someone has to be the better person here, give her a hug call her sister , maybe changes will come , there is a reason your brother loves her , good luck

  35. Why is this a question??

    If you want to see your brother and nephew then you have to deal with her.

    That is the woman he has chosen. It’s not up to you or the family to try and meddle in his life by treating his wife this way sounds pretty petty to me and like your family is bullying her. Ever thought that may be why she’s “rude” and doesn’t want to come around? Cause you’re all actively trying to break up her marriage??

    Act like an adult and suck it up, or don’t see you bro and nephew. But expecting him to ditch or exclude her cause you say so is ridiculous. And If I were him I wouldn’t come around you either

  36. Cameron Lenz Cameron Lenz says:

    ur annoying, why do people come to face book for feel goods? does it work?

  37. Carly Brunet Carly Brunet says:

    Try talking to her directly while both promising to resolve your issues out of mutual love for your brother. Sometimes you need to put your ego aside and come to the table humble and ready to listen.

    Sometimes you do need to just cut people out of your life in the end. It sucks but it happens.

  38. Bill Croteau Bill Croteau says:

    I have six sister in laws and they are all Fantastic.

  39. Ive been there, my brothers ex was a slice.
    Luckily my hubbys sister is my people i love her ❤️

  40. Respect his choice of a partner. Respect his marriage. Support his family. That’s what love does. Otherwise he likely won’t be able to be a part of yours.

  41. Jeff Selzler Jeff Selzler says:

    Have the same problem with my bitch-in-law whom we kindly refer to as Cruella Deville cause she so resembles the character. I haven’t spoken to my brother in 7 yrs just because of his demented wife and I’m just fine with it. The only thing that bothers me is that effects my parents during the holidays because they feel torn on who they should spend it with. Just wanted to say…I know how you feel!

  42. I just forgave my sis in law for something she did 10 yrs ago that was unforgivable for the sake of my brothers funeral..her daughter told us her mom was smoking crack during the wake..nothings changed with her so i guess another decade without my brother in our lives

  43. All that really matters is that he loves her and she loves him. If she treats him good and makes him happy then you should be happy for him, not try to cause problems. Their relationship is not about you nor should they try to please you. I would suggest that you find a way to get past your personal feelings about her and appreciate how she treats your brother. If you do that and maybe apologize to your brother and her for how you habe treated them, you may be able to repair the relationship and find that she is not a bad person after all.

  44. Lol can your divorce your wife cause us family don’t like her. News flash they married each other not the families.

  45. Tina Jarvis Tina Jarvis says:

    I hear you on that I also have a brother who has a girlfriend she as well is a total BITCH and I dont have a problem calling her that. I am glad my brother has not married her as she came with lots of baggage. she has convicted my brother and my children that he is the grandfather to all of her children’s, Children, Has also convinced my mother that I am not her real daughter, she has also convinced my brother that I did not need to know that my father passed away two years ago. (found out from a cousin about my dad). I have told my brother to his face that she is mentally and emotionally abusing him which is causing him to choose not to associate with me. So I just keep saying that Karma will get him. AS I am the oldest sibling I have no right to tell him that or what I see is wrong with this picture. He must not in some way NOT Trust her because he hired her to work for the company that he works for or she must of thought it was a good idea for the both of them to work with each other. Like you when my brother went to introduce her to the family my husband and I both went out of our way to invite them for dinner and she would always come up with something why they could not attend. so therefore I have not communicated with anyone in my family anymore because I choose not to accept her emotionally and mental abuse.


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