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Common sense, common courtesy, common knowledge. What’s common about them? I’m having a hard time finding people with one of these super powers, much less all three.

Simple courtesies of things gone by. A simple smile, wave in thanks, holding a door, where to put trash, the golden rule and more. Just gone the way of the dodo.

Why? I’m in my forties and learned from my parents. Did parents along the way drop the ball??

Why are simple manners and common practices disappearing? And I do NOT want to read even one comment about “religion being gone so ergo manners and rules too”. No. One does not depend on the other. I was brought up religion free and know all my p’s and q’s. So don’t go there.

I promise you, I’ve taught my children and I hope someday they teach theirs.

For now. Smfh. Sigh.



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  1. They aren’t common knowledge anymore because parents of the new age are too bloody distracted and self absorbed with technology. Much like when their children learn to drive. They have the self restraint of a two year old. “My phone was looking at me and I heard it go bing so I picked it up like you never know right”

  2. I agree and the parents have dropped the ball. Manners are down the toilet. I am actually shocked when someone says good morning or thank you. Back in the day this was the norm. When I say back in the day I mean 15 20 yrs ago so really not that long ago.

  3. Damn straight some ppl have dropped the ball as parents. Firstly when corporal punishment was made illegal ppl just stopped disciplining their kids instead of learning other ways, than spanking to raise children. Secondly Many children get what ever they want, are so entitled, never learnt to respect their own possessions let alone others. Thirdly can’t be blamed on parents but cost of living… there are not too many households where there is a stay at home parent around to raise their children it’s left up to babysitter then teachers.. Now we have generations of ppl who haven’t been taught these things, raising their own children. There’s many ppl older than my 40 years who still don’t know or posses any of these 3 ‘common’ things…

  4. One word….entitlement….

    Everyone thinks they are the most important person ..

  5. I have to say something, the basis of Jesus is morality so if u get the chance check Him out, He’s free, wont hurt you and will allow you to see all of the people out there with awesome intentions. Please, thank you and I know He loves you sista!

  6. it all starts from home and role models, it’s the old, monkey see monkey do type thing

  7. Sigrun Jones Sigrun Jones says:

    The cost of living is high, but there is so much consumerism, buying stuff we don’t even need. People need to learn the difference between “wants and needs”.

  8. I agree. My children have always been complimented on their manners. Common sense is no longer common. People don’t have to think. They have a computer in their hands 100% of the time. No more knowledge being retained. But yes it’s us in our 40s who raised people with no manners. It’s our faultn

  9. Ruth Beter Ruth Beter says:

    Brought up religion free??? And that means what??

  10. Nicola Robak Nicola Robak says:

    because we are taxed to death so now both parents work so the state is raising children big difference a

  11. Ryan Beer Ryan Beer says:

    This generation was raised by your generation… it’s a parental thing.

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