Smoking Pot Around Kids

I don’t know if it was the kids or the bus drivers, but someone reeked of pot this morning in the school foyer when I was dropping off my kids. I hope parents arent smoking weed inside around their kids but I guarantee you some of them are. Once about 7 years ago I met a couple who basically hot boxed their house every day, smoking lots of weed, and exposing their young children in the home. If I were to see that again I would report them! Its irresponsible. Why take the risk? Don’t expose them.


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  1. Same person who wrote this probably puffs cigarettes with the kids in the car on the way to school

  2. James Clark James Clark says:

    Legalizing it was a joke. Voting day cannot come any sooner.

  3. Im a mother and I smoke weed , outside on my back deck where my child cant see me

    Stop lumping stoners together and assuming we smoke weed and hot box our houses and get our kids high, mind your own fucking business

  4. Candice Ball Candice Ball says:

    why are you so concerned about other people?? And that smell could have been from anyone or anywhere lol

  5. Kiki Elbi Kiki Elbi says:

    OP, how many bottles of wine or pills do you pop per day?

    Go smoke a joint. You clearly need it.

  6. Pretty sure you drink wine in front of your kids….

  7. Mmmmmm cannabis.

    Second hand smoke is mind altering… But it’s not like you need 500ft ….. 1. Smoke rises. 2. Generally speaking adults are taller than children. 3. Exhaust from cars is far more dangerous and perfectly located at a child’s breathing level.

  8. Jen Pratt Jen Pratt says:

    Funny, to me, super strong coffee reeks like pot especially if in an enclosed space.
    So does skunk.
    And smoking pot around their jackets does not mean that it was smoked around the children themselves.
    Just saying.

  9. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    The Killer Weed is sure to be the ruin of Canada. I once saw a woman on the Killer Weed eat an entire child! Its true . It was disgusting. Oh the inhumanity and stench! It was mad mad world I saw that terrible day.

  10. Kat Gange Kat Gange says:

    Sabrina Nicole can I report you for being stupid, mouthy, judgemental and nosey? No I can’t. Too bad. Unless you can prove they ACTUALLY SMOKED IT IN FRONT OF THEIR KIDS… Oh wait still can’t report the parents. Dumbass. Mind your business.

  11. Why is this an issue now? People have been smoking cigarettes around their kids for decades ? Why didn’t you say something before legalization? Do you feel the same way towards cigarettes ? they are just as bad if not worse.

  12. Scott Shymko Scott Shymko says:

    Wow judgemental much. Just because u can smell it in someone does NOT mean they got their kids stoned right before school, maybe it’s a kids mom who’s anxiety us through the roof because she has to deal people judging her like yourself

  13. Jill Turner but i know some who are

  14. Not illegal unfortunately

  15. You smelt pot at the school? Good grief~ I’ve smelt much worse~ eg. body odour, stinky shoes, locker rooms, etc. When I attended Jr/Sr high in the 70’s, The teachers lunch room had smoke bellowing out~ and some teachers reeked of it as well students smoking outside.
    Good Luck reporting something that’s legal.
    Although, I agree that it shouldn’t exposed to young children.

  16. Mj Mank Mj Mank says:

    If they are not harming you or anyone else,why not live and let aka leave well alone leave well alone? Jus sayin

  17. You would report them for what?
    So whats your vice? You gotta fettish? Creeping and Peeping in Peoples windows? Spying? Sniffing other peoples clothes? What are you exposing your own kids to?

    You need to spend more time concentrating on what you’re doing in your own home. Busy body.

  18. For what? It’s legal for them to smoke pot now so….

  19. O.P….. people have been smoking cigarettes (far more habit forming and actually poisonous) and drinking alcohol (also much more habit forming and life ruining) around thier children for many many years. Both far more toxic than weed. The fact that you are worried about pot being around children is kinda rediculous…. no I don’t think it’s ok to smoke it around children but it’s far less harmful than drinking and smoking is…. also just because someone smells like weed, doesn’t mean they smoked it around thier kids.

  20. I’m so surprised with all the parents who think it’s okay to smoke weed in the house in front of kids. Like wow.

    • Lisa Whelan so your kids could legitimately get high off of your second hand weed smoke and there is actually studies showing the damage it can have to growing brains and that’s okay with you? Maybe when they’re older you can let them decide if they want to get high or not instead of forcing it on them? Personally weed makes me paranoid so I don’t do it but imagine your kids getting paranoid off of it? Why put them through that? Sorry but that’s trash

    • Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

      No they dont. Put them through what!? Lol Studies show some young users can have adverse brain development from smoking it early in life. Second hand weed smoke will not harm them. The average smoker does not light up 25 times a day like a cig smoker. The smoke from my weed dissipates and is gone loooong before i smoke another bowl. Weed has NEVER coloured my walls or left any stain anywhere even when soley smoked in a confined room in my younger days.. the smell from smoking it doesn’t stick around. People often expect my home to reek like weed and it usually doesnt. Unless i just puffed one. The magic of an open window people lol

      Weed is not cigarettes. Stop comparing the two

  21. LOL easy there miss . You probably pop happy pills and 5 other scripts to leave the fucking house.

  22. Randi Starr Randi Starr says:

    Everyone drinks around their kids – no one bats an eye
    Smoke and your evil haha lord

  23. Lora Grass Lora Grass says:

    My 39 Y/O daughter smokes it with her hubby right in front of their teenage kids. (13 & 17) It pisses me off. She had her kids taken away a few years ago for neglect. It may be legal but even alcoholics get their kids taken away. And they don’t buy it legally.

  24. If you can drink a glass of wine in front of your kid I really don’t understand why you can’t smoke a joint in front of them. There’s no difference whatsoever

  25. Sandra Wells Sandra Wells says:

    Seeing how your post was about kids and parents concerning the smell of pot, why did you choose to throw the bus driver in there! Just wondering! I have publicly witnessed kids smoking pot, honesty, it’s getting younger and younger!

  26. Craig Piche Craig Piche says:

    Sure hope OP doesn’t have a beer or glass a wine around their kids…

  27. Here’s a novel idea, how about you mind your own damn business.

  28. Kc McNeil Gray ahhh the good old days eh?

  29. Kari Munroe Kari Munroe says:

    I just don’t even understand the attempts made here to argue for and to make smoking pot around children acceptable. It’s pretty cut and dry. It’s airborne. It’s a mind altering substance. If it’s within your control, make sure your kids are not inhaling your pot smoke.

  30. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    Not from weed. Its not a cigarette or a bon fire.

    But you believe whatever you want. I couldn’t care less.

    *puffs on my bong*

  31. Jessie Joyal Jessie Joyal says:

    But 2nd hand smoke is a problem

  32. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    Im not denying there can be repercussions to a child’s brain behaviour and development with early use… but saying parents cant use their weed in their own home cuz its a danger, is a lie.

  33. If they aren’t smoking it around kids why do you care? I smoke medicinal marijuana. I don’t smoke in my house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t smell it on me! Stop judging you have no idea what someone is using it for. What would you say if someone came there after being sick from chemo so they smoked a joint to calm their stomach? It is legal in Canada! I hope the person you report is a medicinal user so you look even more like an idiot. Smh

  34. Jessie Joyal Jessie Joyal says:

    It’s all good. He knows no different. Genetic conditions are a bitch lol ♡

  35. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    Having weed in the vicinty is no danger to a child.

  36. Also OOH more ignorance from someone denying the dangers of weed on a young mind
    All good I guess.
    I know this convo is done. As soon as someone says “weed isn’t a danger”, I realize their want surpasses their intellect, and I have no time to argue with that. have a great day Lisa!

    So sorry to hear about kiddos lung problems, Jessie!

  37. I would say it’s none of your business!!

  38. Jessie Joyal Jessie Joyal says:

    Do you know what an open airway looks like and what mild smoke inhalation can do?

  39. Jessie Joyal Jessie Joyal says:

    My child has airway problems so yes any kind of smoke, even a camp fire can put his health in jeopardy

  40. So you go to a different room than your kid to smoke your weed? Coo’ then I’m not shit talking you, Lisa. Your attitude is unnecessary unless youre around your kid, smoking. Cry about it elsewhere, I don’t care to hear about it if you’re being irresponsible ;*

  41. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    Weed just isnt a danger.

  42. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    Again. Febreeze and other room sprays are far more dangerous than any amount of weed you can hot box a room with.

  43. How does this effect YOUR day to day to life ? Just curious.

  44. Jessie Joyal Jessie Joyal says:

    Like I’ll happily freeze my ass off smoking outside then potentially endanger my childs health by smoking inside

  45. I say mind your own business

  46. Becki Pound Becki Pound says:

    Everyone needs to chill out……lol
    The person who smokes outdoors in the cold will reek way worse than the indoor smoker.
    OP learn the difference!

  47. Jessie Joyal Jessie Joyal says:

    Nothing wrong with responsible pot smoking parents. But there are probably a few shitty ones that will ruin it for everyone else. I smoke daily but my kid doesnt see it or smell like it.

  48. It’s sad to see so many of my fellow stoners trying to defend their actions of smoking around their kids.

  49. Jessie Joyal Jessie Joyal says:

    As a daily, long time stoner, I can agree with Jessica Quickfall 100%

  50. Liz Goodleaf Liz Goodleaf says:

    That’s a whole lot of assumptions from a whiff of weed.

  51. If you smoke around your kids… Yup! I sure do think I can ☺️

  52. Although it is legal, the province has setup a lot of legislation around it and how it should be handled around minors because of studies that show it can cause developmental disorders. So smoke up or whatever but know you still should be aware of the responsibilities and what your rights are.

  53. As a medical cannabis patient and a mother I do find this very offensive. I may smell like pot but it doesn’t mean I’m smoking it right in front of my child or others.
    Just like perfume cannabis smell lingers. How dare you group me in with stoners. Or associated all of us in the same category. Some of us actually do respect the people around us.
    Considered snowflake!

    • Noh Huan Noh Huan says:

      Natashia Hrushka Jewett I liked your comment until the stoners bit. It’s legal now. Often people are medicating without a prescription. Doesn’t mean it makes people who aren’t treating an emotional or physical effect bad or immoral.

    • Noh Huan what your saying is exactly what I’m saying we aren’t all stoners. We are not all Hollywood’s idea of a cannabis consumer.

    • I’m just curious what medical condition you are taking it for? There’s very few conditions in which it is considered a viable treatment option. I wonder whether you just want to smoke your pot and have your moral high ground too?

    • Nicola DiNicola wow I do not have to disclose any of that information to you at all. It is none of your business as to why I consume cannabis and that’s the whole point of this. I think you need to learn some respect as to when you ask these type of rude questions.

    • I feel like Nicola is the OP! Such an ignorant comment! There’s very few condition’s considered what’s viable for treatment option? Do you have your PHD? Clearly not. Please do some google research before you speak!

    • Nicola DiNicola bitch. Shut the fuck up. We get it, can’t teach an old dog new tricks

    • Noh Huan Noh Huan says:

      Natashia Hrushka Jewett oh ok gotcha i didn’t interpret it that way. Thanks.

    • Noh Huan Noh Huan says:

      Nicola DiNicola none of your beeswax

    • Nicola DiNicola, it can be used when you have cancer. It can be used for anxiety, depression and PTSD. It can be used for pain from various conditions including arthritis. I can say from being around multiple people with them having different conditions that either smoking, vaping or using the oils does help. When my son in law’s uncle was dying from cancer last fall he used marijuana for both pain and it help with his appoetite while he was under going chemo. I have another friend that while under going chemo for breast cancer it helped her immensely, 5 years later she is doing much better. Because of my physical problems my doctor has recommended that I use it, but the only reason that I don’t is that it isn’t covered by my health insurance but my opiod medication is. Personally I don’t care if poeople use it, to me it is the same as drinking in front of your kids. I don’t drink nor do use cannabis in any form but i really don’t care if people use it, I only care if it helps them. I try not to judge.

    • Natashia Hrushka Jewett Sorry, I don’t mean to ask. I actually don’t really want to know, I”m merely curious.

    • Kloie Beaudin you don’t actually have to have a PhD to do a little research. Here’s a link to some clinical guidelines by a bunch of doctors who have actually conducted evidence-based research and developed clinical guidelines on the use of cannabis.

    • Nora Stringovits this is all anecdotal evidence eg “It worked for me, it must be true.” Yeah, you can take it for hangnails too. Hey it worked for me! I challenge you to post a link to a peer-reviewed evidence based source saying it can treat cancer.

    • Becky Betts Becky Betts says:

      All it takes is a quick google search, dude. Comeon.

    • Nicola, I didn’t say it can be used to treat cancer I said it was used while undergoing chemo, it helps reduce nausea and increases appetite. There are medical papers proving that it does help with pain, depression, anxiety and PTSD. No I am not going to do your homework for you, you can research this yourself.

    • “The adverse effects were more intense and occurred more often among patients who used cannabinoids.

    • Becky Betts Did you bother to read the link you posted? People were taking cannabis for adverse effects of chemo (so cannabis not used for treating cancer) and adverse affects to the treatment occured more often among patients using cannabinoids. All it takes is a quick reading and understanding of the study. Dude. Comeon.

    • Becky Betts Becky Betts says:

      Nicola DiNicola You are killing me… Did you not read the whole thing? Last line.

    • Becky Betts Becky Betts says:

      The concensus across the board is that weed isn’t perfect for everyone; the cannabis that works best as an anti-emetic are sativa strains which can also cause some pretty unpleasant symptoms like paranoia in some people. But not all. Just like how morphine makes some people queasy. No medication is perfect. But you can’t discount it completely because it’s not perfect for everyone.

    • Becky Betts I can hands down say from Experience using Cannabis for multiple sclerosis has been a HUGE game changer!! I am not on 16 mg 4 times a day of Dilauded, not on the fentanyl patch’s anymore. I no longer have to pay $2000 a month on 1 MS medication (that was the cheapest one I was on of all 4). The last one I tried was over $3000 a month. Which was actually making me sicker. I came off the disease modifying pharmaceutical drugs over a year ago. I no longer spend 2 weeks out of the month in bed all day every day. I can actually have a shower without being completely drained not even able to get dressed. I can shower, get dressed, brush my hair and teeth all in 1 go. I dont have to take breaks. I can do a top to bottom clean in my house in 2 hrs. Before Cannabis the shortest time was 4-5 hrs. Sometimes took me a couple days not able to move from the first couple hrs. I have only been to a hospital 1 time for out of control pain since I started Medicinal and that’s because I was being responsible and didn’t take any medications so I could drive that day. It caught up to me by the end of the day and the pain was too far gone for weed to fix. Needed opioids. I haven’t had a full relapse since Oct 2017. When I was on the big pharma I was having up to 13 a year. So those people who say Cannabis doesn’t treat things is truly the reason of the stigma. Heads are buried too deep in the sand!! I am off 90% of my medications now and even at 90% of them gone I’m still on 5 different pills. Do the math you’ll see how successful Cannabis got me on a healthy track just by eliminating the poison that was making me sicker.

    • Nicola DiNicola thank you for the apology. I use cannabis for a multitude of health reasons. Just like most who are using it we have all had to take our fair share of pharmaceuticals before being prescribed cannabis. It doesn’t work for all of us but neither does Tylenol 3s. Did you know that most doctors will only prescribe cannabis as a last resort when it actually could have been a better first resort. Education is key

    • Nicola DiNicola my mother lived 3 months longer than the doctors said she would with her terminal cancer due to THC and CBD oil and her doctors even admitted that plus it helped with her pain and appetite! Me I was diagnosed with PPD and PPA and I smoke weed to help because I trust it more that prescription drugs and my doctors are aware and agree so don’t be so judgemental

  54. People offended by the smell of weed but not McDonalds blows my mind….
    They literally pollute the air around them to try too bring you in and I bet alot of you don’t mind to feed that crap to your kids

  55. Well you’re wrong.
    My point is IF you are the type of parent who does this then YES you are irresponsible. If ya don’t smoke around your kids, you’re fine.
    I didn’t say smoking weed makes you irresponsible.

    But you go ahead and make your assumptions about what MY point was. LOL

  56. Roxy Doc Roxy Doc says:

    Exactly…non smoking section of the restaurant is like the non peeing section of the pool

  57. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    And pretty sure that’s exactly your

  58. Jesse Hughes Jesse Hughes says:

    …. people have smoked cigarettes around children for decades…. it’s illegal for a minor and parents smoke around them all the time. Lol jesus Murphy this world has gone full retard!

  59. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    And ive known many parents in my life to back up my claims.

  60. Roxy Doc Roxy Doc says:

    Kc McNeil Gray yup. Flashbacks of asking my mom to unroll the window (manually, mind you) and knowing to dodge the sparks that inevitably flew back to us…but it was easier to dodge before seatbelt laws lol

  61. I have had many parents in my life prove that’s not the case. I’ve also heard outside stories off that not being the case. But that’s not really my point, regardless.

  62. Amy Thompson Amy Thompson says:

    I’ll never forget I had this weed once, the smell reminded me of playing at a friends house hahahahaha.

  63. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    Id say most parents are responsible when using weed.

  64. When the kids are old enough, whether responsible decisions or not, let them choose, not for you to force smoke in their bodies. Give your head a shake.

  65. Levi Sam Levi Sam says:

    Fuck, I’d get baked with my kid sister but only if I was kid… So irresponsible, right?

  66. I agree there’s nothing she can do about it.. but I do think it’s irresponsible to send your kids out reeking of weed. That’s just asking for trouble, even if it is legal.

    I just think that there’s so many people with “it’s legal now so I can do what I want”… But fail to remember MANY parents have gotten their kids taken away because of alcohol. Not saying that was the only factor but… Legal doesn’t automatically mean your kids will be okay if they’re around it.

    Everyone thinks it’s harmless, and for the most part, it is. But for some reason everyone looke at the benefits and ignores the negatives because it doesn’t suit them, and legalization has made it much more prevalent

  67. People that smoke cigarettes or weed in their home around their kids are garbage. My husband smokes in the garage.

    • Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

      Stephanie must have it all figured out

    • Hey if you’re ok with exposing your kids to 2nd hand smoke every single day when you know better that’s not my issue.

    • Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

      No, its ok. Please go on…you must be so much better than the parents you call garbage. Like i said already, you must have it all figured out. Please tell me more lol

    • Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

      No, its ok. Please go on…you must be so much better than the parents you call garbage. Like i said already, you must have it all figured out. Please tell me more lol

    • Anybody that doesn’t smoke around their kids indoors is better than people who do. lol.

    • Anybody that doesn’t smoke around their kids indoors is better than people who do. lol.

    • Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

      Not true.. there are lots of shitty, abusive parents who still smoke outdoors.

    • Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

      Not true.. there are lots of shitty, abusive parents who still smoke outdoors.

    • Sure. But it’s 2019. People know better. Adults are free to make whatever decisions they want for themselves. But literally everyone knows that 2nd hand smoke is harmful to children so people who expose their kids to 2nd hand smoke in their homes are wilfully ignoring the fact that they know they are harming them

    • Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

      Smoking weed in your home is nothing compared to smoking cigarettes in your home!

      Weed is a flower. Cigarettes are a carcinogen.

    • You’re not picking the buds and putting them on a counter. There is still harm from 2nd hand smoke. You can call it fairy dust if you like but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s smoked and smoke sticks to clothes and hair and items and is being breathed in by kids. My husband smokes both weed and cigarettes. He smokes in the garage or outside. My in laws smoke both weed and cigarettes and they also would never dream of doing it around the kids. It’s just trashy and harmful and they feel the same way I do.

    • Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

      Believe what you want. Even tho you’re wrong lol

    • lmfao. Smoke is carcinogenic. Whether you smoke a bowl, a cigarette or pine leaves in toilet paper. They have different levels of carcinogen but they’re stilll there. Of course you can smoke weed around your kids. It doesn’t make it less trashy tho now that it’s legal. Or safe. If I’m drinking coffee, my child is not magically getting it from sitting next to me. If I have one or two drinks of alcohol, my child is not magically getting drunk by being in the same room. I don’t have a drink before I get in the vehicle and drive my kids to school. Knowing what something is and breathing in second hand smoke and smelling like weed are two totally different things. Good luck at life! lol.

  68. Jessica Quickfall kids should not be in a hotboxed home. Agree totally. But the first part of her rant saying she could smell weed in a school. Nada she can do about it besides get over it

  69. Dean Hill Dean Hill says:

    OP should have a toke and chill TF out..

  70. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    Weed>complaints from weed hating strangers

  71. If my child had a medical issue due to that parents choice I would be addressing it. May be legal but respect for others goes a long ways. Pot smell makes me have seizures

  72. People who drink do not force the drink down their kids throats. Smoke is inhaled. What a silly comparison.

  73. you would report them for what, doing something completely LEGAL around their own children? believe it or not it isnt illegal to smoke cigarettes or pot in your own home. now as nicely as i can muster: mind your own business lady

  74. People drink in their home too? I dont smoke weed. But it’s legal now, so I’d say it’s not really your business.

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