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I’m really concerned with the quality of sex toys at Source Adult. If I’m gonna pay $125 for a silicone willy and plug, I sure as hell don’t want it to crack inside on me the first usage.

And they have a no return policy. I think we should really start a petition! We really need stores with quality stuff.



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  1. Contact the company/ brand not where you bought it from

  2. Pagan Heart yes they do. I’ve looked after a few penile fractures in my time. But those stories aren’t as entertaining as the ones explaining how something got into a particular cavity.

  3. Chris Cooke Chris Cooke says:

    Lets see those pics and vids of favorite toys being used, and go

  4. Eden Eye Eden Eye says:

    Buy from – much better prices especially in the clearance area.

  5. Raychel Graham laughed too hard at the comments

  6. Starting January 1st 2018 most adult companies are legally to carry a warranty.

  7. don’t buy cheap stuff & since it’s a personal product there are no returns just like panties or bras anymore lol be a little gentler next time. omg lmao.

  8. Ria Abbi Ria Abbi says:

    Lmao did you post this? Alisha Charles

  9. I’d tell you to go fuck yourself for posting this, but it sounds like you beat me to it.

  10. Thank goodness it was an artificial dick that you broke!! Yeesh

  11. Shannon Dawn was this you? Lol

  12. That sucks. A gf ordered off there an she had a really good experience

  13. yup
    …..I bought it in California 🙁

  14. Maybe your too rough on them? Don’t know why you would be so unsatisfied that you would be going through so many. 🙂

  15. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    Million dollar idea ! A store specializing in the sale of used sex toys!!! Rich !! I tell you rich !!!

  16. Well I think I’d be calling back about that one. That alot of money to be spending on something for it to break.

  17. I worked there for 7 years. They have a no return policy because the staff doesn’t want your dirty, used toy. Just like underwear. All products are factory sealed. For safty measured some are stapled so you can’t steal them. Quality is the same as every other store and you can buy it, open and check before you leave as to damage or working conditions. Staff generally have batteries so you can turn it on. Once you leave the store the sale is final.

  18. Cindy Loo Cindy Loo says:

    Manufacturing defect. Source just sells them on behalf of someone who makes them.

  19. Find a Be Frisque rep! Amazing quality toys

  20. Does that place even exist anymore?

  21. I don’t know if you’ve heard of this new thing, it’s called the internet. You can find, do, and buy anything

  22. my fleshlight works fine

  23. Josh Bauer Josh Bauer says:

    Value village try second hand

  24. Order from hush or get yourself a pure romance rep

  25. I stick thee best!

  26. Debbie Ward Debbie Ward says:

    Cortney Fiddler – I agree.

  27. Adam Dee lol n the winner goes to ☝️☝️☝️

  28. Talk to this guy. His products are 100% refundable if not happy.
    Dennis Robins

  29. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    If you’re gonna troll, at least be good at it. This is lame af lol

  30. Aly Marie Aly Marie says:

    Yes let’s petition for returns on items you stick inside you. Ain’t nobody wanna touch that.

    • Aly Marie I suppose it’s not about putting the items back on the shelf but make sure that the store stands behind their products.

    • Aly Marie Aly Marie says:

      Kevin Melenius well yeah, I would hope it doesnt go back on the shelf. If you’re paying 125 dollars for a plug in dildo and it breaks, go directly to the manufacturer. It’s not the stores fault your vagina broke it. I’m sure the manufacturer would replace it or give her money back.

  31. I agree they’re soooo cheaply made. I refuse to spend money on them

  32. The tickle trunk on whyte is fantastic and have a high quality stuff

  33. Tanis Walker Tanis Walker says:

    Brandy Albulescu can help you with quality product

  34. Jeff Hamm Jeff Hamm says:

    Start ordering your fun stuff online straight from the companies that make them. This way you can assure accountability

  35. Talk about wise grip Holy

  36. . says:

    you are not necessarily asking to return it, you are claiming a warranty and quality issue that demands refund, you can keep the exterior of these items clean, but if it breaks apart inside, that could be a huge issue, not cool !

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