I called Staples for an ergonomic knee chair.Nowone answered the phone.So I drove there.

They didn’t have the chair I wanted, so they called another store and I reserved a pickup of the chair under my name.I go to the oliver location, and after 20 minutes, they still can’t find the chair.Their database doesn’t work, so they can’t find the sku, then they say the chair was discontinued 1 year ago, and they don’t have it.I asked why they said they had it, when they didn’t.The clerk said:”I saw one 5 days ago”. He didn’t even check the database! I overheard the other clerk earlier say that their database is slow.I was expected to find the item, using my phone.

They are supposed to be a technology store, and yet their database doesn’t work.I was just hoping to check how sturdy the ergonic knee chair was before I bought it, since my friend had one and it broke on him.



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  1. The epic saga of the staples knee chair

  2. Staples has a nice selection of notebooks. Next time, grab one of those, write down your issues and move on.

  3. That’s a sex chair

  4. Amanda Kamps Amanda Kamps says:

    Order it online or check the stock online. Bitching about how they’re supposed to be a technology store and your rent even using tech yourself.

  5. Since when is Staples a tech store. It has always been an office supply store. It you want tech go to Memory Express

  6. Staples is overpriced as shit

  7. Nata Corte Nata Corte says:

    Home Depot does the same thing and they are not a tech store. Don’t worry places like Staples are going to decline and dissappear Amazon, Wish etc are taking over with online shopping and thats technology no more seeing humans.

  8. I think the real question here is what’s a knee chair?

  9. You have a lot of time on your hands

  10. Was looking for a caliper last week, called Canadian tire.
    showed two in stock at Manning, so I headed out.
    Gut there, none to be found.
    I called Edmonton west from manning, they showed one in stock.
    Before I drove over I kindly asked the clerk to put his hands on the product and set it aside.

    He did so, i went over and bought the caliper.
    Point is, Shit happens!
    Computers don’t always reflect actual stock, if this bothers you so much, try due diligence next time.
    Oh, one more thing.

    While complaining, understand this is a perfect example of “first world problems”!

  11. Wow. A bit surprised at the comments here. I am a department manager at a big box store. I frequently have to call other locations looking for product. I will not tell a customer the other store has the product until they have confirmed they have the product in front of them. It is extremely poor customer service to send a customer on a wild goose chase. You are practically guaranteeing the customer will never shop there again . OP, I completely understand your frustration. To those of you that have commented in a negative way, I pose this question…How would you feel if a store had you wasting your time going to different locations to find what you are looking for? I call bullshit to anyone saying they would be ok with this kind of service.

  12. JJ Yung JJ Yung says:

    My day is now better. Thank you for this post. I hope you get your knee chair.


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