Starbucks, Less Than Quality

My concern is about Starbucks Northgate location, the stand alone, drive thru store in the parking lot.

First and foremost, I would like to say this store has very friendly staff, especially a petite younger man with a beard who makes some of the best beverages I’ve ever had.

But, that’s where my compliments end. Recently, I visited this location a couple times over the holidays and product wise, found it to be VERY disappointing.

First of all, this location did not have any peppermint flavoring for the holiday beverages – and on my second visit I was informed the store would be out likely for the next week. Secondly, when making my hot chocolate, I noticed the expiry date on the milk being used was the very next day – I was absolutely shocked.

I took the beverage to be polite to the very nice staff, but put it straight in the garbage.


I would expect with the amount of milk Starbucks stores use that it should be FRESH. Grocery stores have rules in place where they won’t sell “fresh” products (dairy, produce and so on) if they are within three days of the best before date. I wouldn’t expect Starbucks to be serving beverages that are made with milk products that wouldn’t even be available to be purchased at a grocery store because they are too close to the expiry date. – Let alone using them up until close, the night before the expiry date.

If the date is so close that it can’t be sold to me at a retail grocery store, I don’t think Starbucks should be serving it to the customers. It’s just common sense.

I contacted Starbucks about this through their website and they did respond, but would not acknowledge my question about product freshness or their best practices on using products that are approaching the “best before” dates, – which I directly asked.

The next day I went to 3 retailers that sell fresh milk, each retailer had milk with a 15 day best before date. Why would Starbucks not rotate their milk and be in a position where they are serving such old milk? Why wouldn’t they answer my question?

Very disappointed.

It makes you wonder how many other locations do this.



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  1. Kara Fehr Kara Fehr says:

    So you’re bitching because they used milk that wasn’t expired but close to a best before date… let me let you in on a little secret, if it’s still good, why throw it out?

  2. Cindy Moore Cindy Moore says:

    Wow! First world problems!

  3. Erin Johnson Erin Johnson says:

    Milk lasts way beyond its best before date. Best before only indicates that quality drops after this date, not that it has gone bad.

  4. I can’t believe you took the time out of your day to not only message Starbucks but to write this review. You sound petty and like you kinda need a life. The milk didn’t expire and a grocery store of course wouldn’t sell you milk past 3 days because it’s intended for more than one use. I’m sure the milk carton was gone within the hour at Starbucks. It’s bad business to throw out perfectly good products because sassy, whiny petty people with no life experiences complains about an almost expired milk carton. Get a hold of yourself.

  5. So, you know milk doesn’t expire on the ‘best before’ date, right? #firstworldproblems

  6. Lisa Wood Lisa Wood says:

    Are you for f***ing real?!? Many products are still good far beyond their expiry date. If it bothered you that much, you should have said something instead of being a pussy and just throwing it out. Or given the drink to someone not fortunate enough to be able to buy a $6.00 on the daily. How could you have even been close enough to see the expiry gate on the carton anyway? First world problems indeed.

  7. Well some people need to cry about everything….how about you piss an moan about a real issue… how the government is draining canada of its wealth an transfering it to third world countries that will NEVER drag themselves out of the hole

    But ya….cry over milk that is close to best before date…

  8. Are you fucking kidding me? You are the specialist of special snowflakes.

  9. How the fuck is this a real issue? When you buy a carton of milk do you use it all at once? Probably not. Why in the hell would Starbucks toss perfectly good milk because it expires the next day? Good on them for not wasting.

  10. I am surprised you never got a response from Starbucks. I had a couple issues with them and got a response within a day.
    You should have let the staff know when you were unsatisfied with your drink right away. They would have immediately corrected it.
    Bringing something, like expired product to their attention is kind of a priority. They would have been able check expiry dates right away.
    As for dates on products. I have in a couple of occasions purchased products that were well before experience dates had turned bad. So what did I do, return the product back to the store. Issues like this need to be noted with places. It helps companies know if there was issues with certain batches.
    And as for being disappointed with them not having your flavouring. Supply and demand is a thing. If you have more demand for a product you are going go through it faster. I would suspect peppermint flavouring at Xmas for their very popular seasonal drinks would be a fair stamens for supply and demand.

    I make a complaint at the time I am not satisfied.
    I am having issues with Tim Hortons and the fact their staff can’t figure out the difference between a half cream or a full cream. So to minimize my issues I ask for cream on the side, then I get my coffee just the way I like it.

  11. This is laughable and such a waste. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the milk. You may as well have just thrown money out and skipped the middle man.

    Being disappointed about the peppermint is one thing, but it’s hardly complaint worthy. It happens.

  12. As someone who previously worked at Starbucks, the amount of milk we go through daily, if it were the day of “best before” it would have been dumped, but we typically use it up till then. As stated, it is still fresh.

  13. You have a REALLY good life. I hope you recognize that. If this is your gripe, for even one day, and you have the time to gripe about it, then you life is amazing.
    Part of me suspects this is a bait post. If it is, again, you have an great life if this is what you have time for.

  14. 1. For a product such as peppermint syrup during the height of the season, the warehouses may have run out, or their order may have been processed incorrectly or delayed. Things happen beyond our control sometimes.

    2. Just because something has an expiration date doesn’t mean it will automatically go bad by that date. It’s common for dates to be pushed up for safety reasons. Many products can be consumed after the date listed. Sometimes items go bad before an expiration date too.

    If you were that concerned, why didn’t you speak up right there and ask them to remake the beverage for you? There’s also another Starbucks in the same parking lot, you could’ve tried there for your beverage as well. This just seems like whining to me.

  15. Shawna Walsh Shawna Walsh says:

    Best before dates are meaningless. Law requires products to have them but they are random. Your milk was fine. You see like a bit of a drama queen.

  16. Amanda Kamps Amanda Kamps says:

    They used milk that WAS STILL GOOD?!? The HORROR.

  17. Lo En Bauzon Lo En Bauzon says:

    Krystyn CatungalGerylene Mbn

  18. Mike Kozak Mike Kozak says:

    You have got to be fucking kidding. “Whahhh, the milk’s date is tomorrow! Whahhh”. Even if it was YESTERDAY, you’d still be a whining whiner. Holy fuck. Were you going to save it to drink three days later? Grow up.

  19. Ruth Chalk Ruth Chalk says:

    You don’t like it make your own damn coffee…. or go to a different coffee shop. Like holy. Why are you supporting a rich ass hoitey toity industry such as Starbucks anyways? Go find a small mom and pop shop if you want a company to respond to you. You honestly think Starbucks gives 2 s***s? No they are a big huge American company.

  20. I go to superstore all the time and buy organic milk at 30% off because the expiry date is the next day. Oh and the milk is just fine…for at least 3 or 4 days after.

  21. Boo boo I’m sure if you look hard the servers make up is crooked to you whiny bitch!

  22. Ruth Chalk Ruth Chalk says:

    Can I also mention how pissed off it made me that your big concern is the milk from starbucks? Seriously? If your willing to waste 6$ all the time on a coffee why don’t you donate like a whole bunch of that money to the food bank or hope mission. Like there are people here who literally wonder how they are going to get their next meal. Or wonder how all their bills are going to be paid or wonder how they have managed to survive paycheque to pay cheque. Grow up. Do something meaningful.

  23. Amber Dawn Amber Dawn says:

    omg there are Earthquakes and Volcano eruptions and NK is still a threat

  24. Go home make your own coffeeeeee with your fresh milk lol

  25. Lisa Simon Lisa Simon says:

    Maybe buy your own cow..

  26. Waaaaahhhh, milk. I’m an asshole with to much time on my hands. Waaaaahhhh
    3 locations.
    Waaaaahhh peppermint. Waaaaaah disappointed…

  27. Ann Thomas Ann Thomas says:

    Next time you are going to throw coffee in the dumpster, maybe think about giving it to someone less fortunate, as an act of kindness

  28. If your big problem in life is lack of processed peppermint flavoring and expiry dates, I want your life! Suck it up buttercup! There are way worse things in life!

  29. Holy fucking #firstworldproblems this post has to be a joke… wait.. with society these days, this shouldn’t surprise me.

  30. Kevin Klein Kevin Klein says:

    I got served a milk from Timmys that was expired the day before. Somebody’s not checking the stock….

  31. Sounds to detailed … Sounds like a employee that may have been fired… and throw away a 5.00 dollar drink like shit if you willing to throw money out like you don’t have to work hard for it I am sure the person behind you would of loved to save their 5.00 dollars and enjoy your choice of hot beverage or maybe the homeless person out side or the mailman/woman while they walk in this cold temp to deliver your mail on time… bitch please more problems in this world then milk…

  32. My god what a horrible situation, milk that wasn’t expired and no peppermint? We should all go on our blogs and make seriously passive aggressive posts about this. Im going to climb back into my safe space for now though, this star bucks has me shaken to the core.

  33. Amanda Jones Amanda Jones says:

    Do you throw out your milk at home, 3 days before the expiry??

  34. Russ Hall Russ Hall says:

    This should a salute to this Starbucks location for staff who can think for themselves and consider contributing to saving on the dwindling world food supply by respecting the actual condition of the milk by using it. Their refridgeration and monitoring of it is probably above standard. I have personally used milk up to two weeks past any dates on the package with no noticable change in the quality.

  35. Jeni Jenkins Jeni Jenkins says:

    Seriously you need to get a life

  36. Amy O Amy O'Keefe says:

    OMG they served you milk that WAS NOT expired yet! You should sue. Really? Best before dates are not the same as expiration dates. Best before dates simply means that product quality cannot be garunteed after said date. Usually it’s determined by the earliest time things turn during testing, but that could mean 1 out of 100 tests turned at 2 weeks and another did nit turn for another week after. With milk I usually don’t toss it until it smells funny or curdles in my tea.

  37. This a joke right? Are you actually bitching about milk that wasnt expired yet?

    Pampered princess much?

  38. Your sad life hurts my heart.

  39. Peter Howard Peter Howard says:

    I must say you sound very privileged. Time to get over yourself.

  40. Gina Bennett Gina Bennett says:

    FOR FUCK SAKES! Expiry dates are actually bullshit.

  41. Good on you for not throwing a fit at the baristas. But that’s where my compliments end.

    I can’t imagine someone less fortunate witnessing you throw out a drink (which was most likely warm and would be a comfort during the cold snaps) just because the milk was one day away from a best before date and wasn’t actually expired.

    I used to be extremely wary about best before dates and would throw out milk if it was on the day. I’d throw out an entire bag of spinach if a few were wilting. Our society has made us so complacent when it comes to wasting food and it’s not an easy mindset to shake. I’ve bought milk from the store that was supposed to expire in two days (I guess Sobeys doesn’t always follow the three day rule) and it’s been totally fine for a week. I’ve bought milk that was supposed to be good for two weeks and it went bad the next day. So yeah, I’ve sort of learned to not always trust the label.

    Your post makes it seem like they gave you rotten milk. They did not. It may not have been brand new but it wasn’t rotten. I hope you don’t throw out everything that’s close to not being fresh. And if you do, I hope you try and consider how much food you waste and what that food could mean to someone else. Or how much money you could save by eating perfectly good food.

    Also, yeah the peppermint thing sucks. I remember being a bit annoyed (but didn’t say anything) when my Starbucks ran out of s’more mix. Then I realized how stupid it was to be upset over a drink and that I have a pretty good life is something like that bothers me. Hopefully in the future you realize that too.

  42. What grocery stores are you shopping at? It’s the day before expiry that product gets pulled. And why take a beverage, and waste the money, to just throw it away and wait a month to complain? As for the flavouring, that’s through no fault of their own. Shortages happen. Buck up, tiger. You’ll somehow get through this.

  43. Wow….first world privilege. Do you throw your milk out at home before the expiry date?!?! Would you like some cheese with your whine??


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