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Statement to police

“Officer, please tell me if I am under arrest or if I am being detained, or if I am free to leave. If I am not free to leave, please tell me why. I wish to exercise all of my rights now. I will not answer any questions until you let me speak to a lawyer. Please do not ask me any other questions. I do not consent to any search unless I am under arrest.”

This is good and bad. It’s only bad because when I said pretty much the exact same words to the RCMP, they got angry, mocked me for trying to play lawyer, then beat me, snapped my leg, left permanent scarring on my face and charged me with obstruction of justice for asking if I am being arrested or detained. Naturally the RCMP got away with it and one individual is now in southern AB, stalking people like Shannon Phillips even. Canada, what a great place.



2 Responses

  1. RoyalCabalMountyouPerverts says:

    After reading this and seeing how the cops have been enabling and apologizing to hillbillies and criminals, I think I actually even hate cops more today.
    Let’s pick on the RCMP.

    Curtis Zablocki: swears he’s not a racist polish-jew and denies systemic racism,even considers himself a Canadian.

    Brenda Lucki: swears she didn’t marry a pedo-mason, swears she does not associate with a masonic-polish-jew pedophile named Allan Wachowich, denies systemic racism in the RCMP, considers herself a woman and even Canadian, does not want people to know Curtis Lucki killed himself after be unlucki enough to be part of popo-pedo family.

    Happy Mother’s Day RCMP! Remember to mommas should have all had abortions.

    • RoyalCabalMountyouPerverts says:

      Ooops, I wanted to add him also for a trifecta a depravity . Also had a typo. Want to say: Happy Mother’s Day RCMP! Remember yo mommas should have all had abortions.

      Malcom Gutfriend: another white-judeo immigrant, obese SKKK pedophile, compromised all forensics in Canada for the last 30yrs; currently retired and hanging out at pedhophile Wawa Shrine when not rubbing obese white people little wienies with the govt of SKKK.