Stay away from Braden Equities Renting

Never rent with these people, they are the definition of slum lord. When we moved into 9104 99st they failed to tell us the building had bedbugs and basically forced us to live with the infestation until it got so bad you could literally see them crawling on the walls.

It took this shithole of a rental company OVER A YEAR to deal with the bedbug problem. It took a signed letter from all of the tennants and a threat to go to the media before they did anything about it. They made us live in bedbug infested hell for over a year and as a result i have mild PTSD. not to mention that the building manager was rude and when repaires needed to be done, he wouldnt hire qualified and professional contractors, hes just bring in his family and they dod a shitty job. The mailboxes werent even secure, the windows were so old and unsealed that we had to run 4 space heaters in the winter just so we wouldnt fucking freeze at night. If it wad -30 outside and windy, it would be maybe plus 6 in our apartment.

Dont rent from these people unless you want to live in run down, shitty buildings infested with bugs that theyll do nothing about. Who leaves a bedbug problem that bad for a whole year?? This company…

Notice: This is the opinion of a single anonymous individual and does not represent Shoutout Edmonton or its staff.



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  1. I’ve had the same problem but we also had cockroaches on top of bed bugs not to mention a watermain broke and we were without water for months. They blamed the actual property owner which is probably true partly but they could’ve fought harder for us

  2. Why would you stay for over a year if those problems existed? Why not go to the landlord and tenant association and do something or move?

    • What about if that person signed a contract ? You know they can charge the rent even if they don’t live there ? Is a long process to go through

    • However they said OVER a year. Contracts are signed for a month, 3months, 6 months or a year. Staying past the contract (over a year) is ridiculous. Also, if the place is not habitable (infestations not dealt with) one can break the lease on those grounds.

    • Teresa Louise I know I had been through that. Is why I am telling you is not easy !

  3. I rent from braden and have zero issues.

    The landlady is awesome and any problems i have had have taken less then a week usually 2 days to fix.

    Even had my rent lowered afte my first year

    • I don’t think this person is talking about that property. The landlady at your property (don’t want to put her name) is good for upkeep and all that. I do agree with this post about Braden Equities though, that company is slum !

    • Ive never had an issue.

      Braden is the same company regardless of property.

      The landlords are usually the issue. In my case i have a great one

  4. You have PTSD from bedbugs?? Fuck that shit. You can’t diagnose yourself with something that serious.

    All apartments wind up with bedbugs at some point and they are difficult to get rid of. This post is stupid.

  5. Ina MacLeod Ina MacLeod says:

    apply to the Landlord and Tenant Services Alberta to get an abatement of rent. Document everything and see them in court!

  6. Rae Rae Dawn Rae Rae Dawn says:

    For anyone else facing this problem you can call the landlord tenant advisory board and the healthboard and they will investigate and force landlords to address the problem within 48 hours of the investigation.
    If you don’t have the financial means to move yourself you can access social funding through Alberta works as this type of dwelling is considered uninhabitable. Not saying it’s easy because it’s not. But it is possible. Also… in this situation you could withhold your rent. Not legally because you will face eviction… But an eviction notice would assist in obtaining social housing assistance and the chances of you paying it back are pretty much zero. Because the court process isn’t worth it for such large companies like Braden.

    Unfortunately they’re not the only ones. Almost every company has bed bug issues in some of their buildings. Educate yourself on your rights as a tenant. It’ll save you a years worth of discomfort.

    To the person who posted this I wish you well. PTSD is a very serious illness so do take good care of yourself and research future apartments for the sake of your own well being ❤

  7. Sorry to hear you are going through a bedbug situation, thats frustrating for anyone to go though. On another note, I live in a Braden property and have never had an issue! Also I am very familiar with Braden equities, they are a reputable management company and they always treat units with pests in a timely matter. With bedbugs unfortunately you cannot put a time frame on when they decide to leave even when they are being treated.

  8. Why did you ever ever pay rent? I wouldn’t have give them a dime!!! Not until it was cleaned up! Why??????????????????????

  9. What did you expect? That part of the city is a slum. I agree with you calling out the landlords though, they`re probably Asian

  10. We find many times that the entire process and past must be outlined and clarified between the parties …

    In short we will not look who is to blame . The problem is it must get treated and fixed asap .

    This problem not only affects the unit in question but also all adjacent units.

    The landlord upon formal notification/ confirmation of a bedbug infestation should be treating and inspecting all adjacent units for preventative treatments.

    All units with confirmed bedbugs must be treated at min 2 times and a follow up inspection.

    Many landlords forget or neglected adjacent units and months down the road the infestation returns .

    We are proud in 2018 to be launching launching a training program to ensure landlords and managers understand the entire process for remediation and ensuring they are respecting Alberta Health Services, the Alberta Residential Tenancies Act and most of all customer service, respect and integrity .

    Tenants can apply for an abatement or to end tenancy in the RTDRS

    Here is the link

    To prove merit to a claim of ” loss of peaceful enjoyment of property”

    You would require a lease and proof you have reported the issue to the landlord and they neglected to do any thing .

    The staff at the RTDRS are great and can provide you the paper work you need

    Landlords – if you have supplied proper notice of entry, served proper notice of requirements of a licensed treatment company and the tenant interferes the landlords can serve an eviction notice and or apply as well to RTDRS

    To prove merit of an application for ” interferance with the landlord and other occupants” you would need the evidence of – Serving prep sheets , entry and a report that licenced company was unable to preform as requested with the reasons

    I hope you immediately provide the landlord in writing your concerns and if neglected follow up with Alberta Health Service’s and file a claim

  11. Report this to AHS, name and shame these landlords. Sorry you had to go through this but sadly it’s not an uncommon problem.

  12. Over a year?
    I would have left when my lease was up, why didn’t you?

  13. Haha they will put you in credit bureau for 20 dollars

  14. I would have moved way sooner.

  15. In response to this post, please note that our management of the property ended July 18, 2014. As a result, this person should have directed their negative comment towards the correct property management company. We take pest control issues seriously and have the below procedures in place to tackle this issue if it does arise.
    1. Problem reported.
    2. Resident Manager inspects the unit to confirm if any pests are visible and then contacts the Pest Control Company to arrange treatment.
    3. The Pest Control Company is brought in to inspect the unit to find out if the infestation is contained to one unit or if it has spread and to book the treatment.
    4. Pest Control Company then sprays the unit where the pests were found along with adjacent units to prevent the pests from spreading. This is a three step process from the initial spraying to the second spraying then to the final inspection to ensure there are no more signs of pests.
    5. Regular maintenance programs are set up in our properties to ensure we are on top of any problems if they occur.

  16. Michael Kostek says:

    I can help you out with this…give me a shout


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