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Looking for advice for storage options. We are moving, and need a storage unit for approximately 5 months. We have looked into many different storage units and know the costs and our options. HOWEVER, we are looking for advice for the storage pods/Steel box options now to compare.

Someone told us that your furniture is more likely to be damaged in one of those? We like the idea of not having to move our stuff back back and forth to the unit ourselves. We would be keeping our mattresses and bedroom furniture with us at our temporary home.

We live in Spruce Grove. Any pro/cons, or advice is appreciated!



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  1. Amber Larson Amber Larson says:

    Having moved 4 times interprovincially with a 20′ BigSteelBox I can tell you from personal experience you can use straps across the unit to secure furniture and larger items from shifting. In four 900+ km moves I’ve never had a single thing broken. I love the convenience of them dropping the unit and packing at my pace, and then they come get it. I’ve hired movers the last three moves to load. It makes it even less stress.

  2. Rick Murch Rick Murch says:

    I was happy with big steel box as well. And never had a thing damaged. Couple things I found. You can put it on the street in front of your house legally (in Edmonton) for only 3 weeks maximum if you tell them you’re moving. However if you tell the city you are renovating… You can put it legally in front of your house for a couple months. (Just do some quick reno’s while you’re moving) .. The fees are high for pickup and drop off but it can sit for months in your yard .. so the longer you keep it the better value it is.

  3. I used Big Steel Box too, they were great


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