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Stolen License plate

Drove to work this morning before I noticed my license plate is gone.

Probably by some disqualified drunk who can no longer get insurance.

If anyone sees Alberta Plate # NAL 102

It belongs to a BLUE TRAILBLAZER.

Should you send it, call the cops, it’s been reported stolen, and film the guy getting pulled over and towed.

It would warm my black heart.



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  1. Oh, so that bank robbery was not you then?

  2. You know it’s not a drunk driver? You know it’s someone stealing it to commit another crime. Sweetheart.

  3. Someone stole the “20” sticker off our plate. It’s an Oilers plate. I believe because of the paint job on the plate the stickers are easy to remove.

  4. I had my plates stolen. There’s now w couple of straight razors behind the plate. Haven’t lost any since.

  5. Same thing happened to my husband a few weeks ago. Just before that my neighbours plate was stolen and replaced with a different one. They didn’t even notice until they got a speeding ticket in the mail with her plate on a different car! Apparently stolen plates have been very common lately.

  6. This JUST happened to me the other day – I reported it to the police and registration as soon as possible. Often times people will steal plates and then put it on a stolen vehicle (or even worse) so you wanna make sure it’s not attached to your name in any way.

  7. Why would people wait or follow till the cops pull it over ?? Also u should of got a anti theft screw put into ur plate.

  8. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Report immediately! Defiantly not a drunk(they don’t bother with the time and energy to swap) a person who stole a car will take a plate, or people without insurance (I knew a person with no insurance who did it in the ’80’s). You need to report it fast, the cops put it in the scanner as stolen, as soon as one scans it it shows as stolen

  9. Jodi Flatt Jodi Flatt says:

    Report the stolen plate to the cops and hit up a registry on Monday. Fingers crossed that nothing awful happens .

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