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Stollery hospital

I’m just wanting to put a shout out to our local children’s hospital.

Today as I went to visit a friend, who is currently there ,we ran into a team of doctors. Who all greeted us, knew who we were, and asked about us. The one even recalled events we went through. I walked by and they stopped me. Like a dead stop in their convo and had to stop me to say hi.

I found that powerful. These doctors actually care and remember their stollery families. They do not have to. It choked me up. We truly are lucky to live here.



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  1. Personally the Stollery is an joke compaired to other children’s hospitals. If you want to support children’s healthcare donate to the Shrines. My personal opinion.

  2. Tom Kinakin Tom Kinakin says:

    Stollery is awesome. The whole UofA hospital in fact.
    We’re lucky to have it here.

  3. Kelli Murphy Kelli Murphy says:

    I’ve had nothing but good experiences there with my son

  4. Leah Baer Leah Baer says:

    If anyone is looking to support the Stollery and have some fun, Extra Life is just over 3 months away! Find a local team to donate to or make your own!

  5. Our very own Angels on Earth.

  6. My son was there 5 weeks ago…forever grateful for the doctors and especially the nurses ..they certainly do care ..they watched over my son when we couldn’t be there ..those are the true heroes!❤️

  7. Have to agree 100%. I have actually groaned to myself when having to walk through the hospital knowing that there was no way to get where I was going without being stopped several times by doctors and nurses asking about my daughter. She is now 21, and I still get stopped in public by her team from the Stollery. They are lifesavers- literally and figuratively!!

  8. Aly Marie Aly Marie says:

    Things like this make me think otherwise.

  9. Kayla Koetze Kayla Koetze says:

    Every time we are at the stollery the doctors and nurses always remember who we are,has to say hi and see how amazing she is doing after treatment

  10. It is truly a remarkable place with ultra caring doctors, nurses and support staff.

  11. Katie always gets stopped when Kayla and her go up to the stollery

  12. Totally true they are invested in the care they provide!!!

  13. Dan Boyer Dan Boyer says:

    Nice to hear something positive

  14. Alexii John Alexii John says:

    The stollery is absolutely amazing

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