Stop Paying People to Raise your Kids

It kills me how many people plan to have a baby, and then plan to abandon it with strangers for most of its life until it goes to school so both parentsg can go work.

Many of you double income households do not HAVE to work. It’s easier if you work, you have more money, you have more things. But you neglect your child.

I get it – sometimes your a single parent: you were raped, your spouse left you, your partner was abusive and you left him – fine. You need daycare then.
And in that instance daycare should be 100% covered by the government.
But to you double parent families who plan anencephaly choose to ditch your child with strangers where there is routine stories of kids being neglected and hurt and abused – you don’t love your children. You like the idea of having kids without making the sacrifices to raise them right. I have 3 children, and we make it work off a $56,000 salary. I am home every day to feed my kids nutritious lunches. They have clothes, toys and are happy healthy kids.

Do we have the newest fanciest car? No. Do we have a massive new house? No. I grow food in our modest little yard, and buy things in bulk and flyer shop. But we have what we need. Stop sacrificing your child’s upbringing so that YOU can have nice things or buy them crap they do not need. Your kids only need and want you, and your time.

Daycare should be a back up – not a plan.



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