Strange bedbug problem

Recently, my husband found a small insect scurrying across my floor. He said it was a bedbug and proceeded to panic. I did not panic because we have lived in this house for 3.5 years now and we wouldn’t have known before now that there was a bedbug problem.

Our mattresses are encased as it is because before buying our home we were in a rental so we always kept them encased to be safe. However, this is the strange part. The other evening we were in the basement and we were going to finall haul away some old boxsprings and mattressesto the dump. These ones were not encased as they were always just there and never used. And my husband showed me a corner of the boxspring that indeed had bedbugs in it. None of them were alive they were all dead and quite dried up. We quickly took it outside and tore the boxspring apart, not a single live bug. So then out of curiosity we hauled the mattress outside and checked it over. This was the mattress that had sat on that boxspring but wasn’t used. The mattress is a foam mattress but was from ikea so it had a thick fabric cover on it. There were no signs of bedbugs on it and we cut into it and tore it apart and there was not a single thing. We have been through the entire house with tape, a vacuum, a steamer and have not found a single bug. And I mean we have been thorough. In every crack. In every bit of carpet, books, clothing, furniture, you name it we have gone through it. Like we took time off work to do thisbecause they come out at night and we were literally up at 2am with a flashlight trying to find these suckers.. And we have found nothing. So what is confusing is how are there bedbugs in a boxspring and not in the mattress? How are there dead bedbugs in a boxspring and not a mattress? These items were not slept in so they weren’t covered. The boxspring had come to us used back when we were just out of university and couldn’t afford much and we’d had a different mattress on it at the time and got rid of it about 5 years ago when we got a new mattress. But then we got a brand new bed altogether so the boxspring and the IKEA mattress justbsort of sat around. My husband is so worried that we are dirty but the house is immaculate and we literally checked every single space we could and found nothing.

If we had a bedbug problem at some point wouldn’t we know? And we have been in this house for 3 and a half years now wouldn’t this have come up before now?



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  1. Dat Guy says:

    These bugs can attatch to yoir clothing from anywhere, public places, transport, public chairs. You likely caught a hitch hiker. Be on the lookout and even call pest control to do a run before it becomes a problem.


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