Stranger Saved My Brother’s Life

My brother was prescribed a bad cocktail of anxiety drugs that took him for a massive loop. Last Thursday, September 28, while in a stupor from the massive (prescribed!) doses of the medicine, he overdosed in a suicide attempt.

Someone on the West End, perhaps near the Misercordia, saved his life by calling an ambulance. They did not wait until he was on the ground. They called the ambulance before he stopped breathing… and as a result, he was in the hands of paramedics before he stopped breathing.

He did go into a coma and require a ventilator but here’s the thing. He suffered no brain death because he was caught by medical professionals in time… he is now awake and walking/eating again.

First of all, I would like to than the medical staff at the Misercordia ICU as well as the paramedics.. But the one thing we can’t seem to figure out is who called the ambulance.

I just want to say THANK YOU, KIND STRANGER!! YOU SAVED A LIFE THAT DAY AND YOU PROBABLY DON’T EVEN KNOW IT!! By not ignoring someone who, perhaps, looked threatening… and by not waiting until they were down on the ground to call the ambulance…. he will live! I wish I could find you, look you in the eyes, and hug you… but it looks like you’ll just be the angel we will never know.


THANKS EVERYONE… what an AMAZING team of people.. all the stars aligned and my brother lived. <3



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  1. When I was a teen my buddies and I saw a man passed out on a lawn down the street. We yelled at him something derogatory. When I got home I told my mom about it and she not only scolded me severely but made me get in the car with her and we went and checked on him. Turns out he was drunk but she managed to get him up and walking to his house.

    Later that night I got a lecture about making assumptions about people and that we all bear responsibility for helping our fellow man. “What if he just had a heart attack?” My mom was a nurse.

    I can only hope that in my weakest moments sometime later in life I am helped by a teen who got the same lecture I did.

    It’s truly great to know that there are people out there like this that exist.

  2. The Misercodia ICU is a great team. I used to work with them! I have seen what they can do. The Dr’s are awesome too! Michelle McA Trudy Eggleton

  3. Do you know what anxiety drugs he was on??

  4. Bless the Angels in all their forms

  5. Prayers. Amazing! Hope your brother makes a full turn around. Mental health can take over your life.


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