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I’m a mom of 2 little ones, 11 months and 2.5 years. i have no help from anyone except my bf wheb he is able to.

I’m losing my mind, im struggling, im upset and sad, i know they’re feeding off my behaviour, i find myself losing my marbles on the oldest, she doesn’t listen at all. i scream at her when i get to my low point because i just can’t do it anymore. i wanna give up, but i can’t, we cant afford childcare to have a break. anyone else in the same boat?

I feel like a horrible mom sometimes because i can’t be there mentally 100%. i love them, but sometimes i miss just having my own free time with no kids. just wanted to vent, see if anyone is feeling the same way. covid doesn’t help either since we can’t go out and do things. (we are outside everyday, but the same routine and same things are getting boring.

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  1. . says:

    The first commenter had a ton of great ideas and info. I also can give you some tips and a strategy call, behaviour modification. I would be glad to share it with you , if so inclined contact me.

  2. Valerie Carr says:

    You are definitely NOT alone.!! sometimes the oldest acts out because of jealousy. Mommy is now spending all her time with the baby. OR baby’s so cute and laughs and plays with baby, baby’s crying so mommy cuddles and holds and rocks him. Older sibling is feeling left out. Try to include her in being Mommy’s big helper and snuggle rewards are very helpful. When baby is napping try spending some quality big girl time. Try to explain things at her level.
    Let her know that you Love your first baby very much and how big of a girl she is getting to be. How proud you are And try to find a few minutes everyday to spend with her, no interruptions. Tried and true. I speak from many years of experience. Give it a try Mommy. Good Luck, Love & Hugs. p.s. please don’t scream. calm yourself and breathe.<3. Explain the bad behavior and use a time-out chair/stool/step where you can keep an eye on her. After 10 mins ask if she will behave, ask her to say sorry for bad behavior, love & hugs, free to go.! well wishes Mommy. (Hugs)

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