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Success Leaving Abuse

Im looking for success stories from anyone who has successfully left a physically abusive relationship.

How did you get the strength?



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  1. I personally went through a horrible relationship and told myself if he ever hit, I’m out happened a few time but when he tried to kill me (held me down in the bathroom and tried to strangle me) I said I’m out! He tried louring me back saying I forgot something I said keep it! It means nothing to me but my freedom. When I moved out he said I was was making the biggest mistake of my life. Turns out it was the best thing for me

  2. Stacy Cripps Stacy Cripps says:

    Mine wasn’t a physical abusive relationship. It was psychological abuse. The day that he told me I was too useless to take care of the kids which is why he said he didn’t work. As I was bundling them up to walk them to school, which was across the street and he was on the couch drinking beer. Something snapped. The relationship didn’t make it to lunch.

  3. Careful getting out. Have a plan and be ready. That’s the most dangerous time. Please be safe ❤️

  4. By the Grace of God . For yourself and your children if you have any . Plan to get a safe place don’t wait to long cause so woman don’t make it out . I almost didn’t make it . But I left got a restraining order 6 months at a time I was given . I read a lot of self help books . Take help from family if they offer. To keep you away just remember the bad things he done to you . They think about the good thing to come . You’ll be able to make your own choices. No one will tell you who you can see, or whom no to see. Where to go and not to go . What to wear or what not to wear. Take to yourself always put Post-its with little sayings all over your house in front of the mirror every morning when you wake up you can read inspiring messages to yourself. You can do it . I was physically and mentally abused for 5 years. The last time he almost killed me. That has been 45 years ago. I have never ended up with another man with those tendencies. I have never been hit again in 45 years. Ladies you can live without a man and be happy be happy with yourself love yourself respect yourself. You can do it.

  5. Sometimes it takes more than once to leave for good. For me it took 5x before I didn’t go back. Broken bones,hair pulled out etc etc. No self confidence, nothing. They finally held him in jail for a week instead of the less than 24 hrs. I attended a group on how to break the chain that week. I never went back the sixth time or ever again. I know I would have if it hadn’t been for those wonderful group of women who were all in the same boat. We helped each other, we laughed, we cried and most of all we persevered!
    Only you know when you’re ready, only you can decide. I wish you the best! There’s more help out there now than there was for me

  6. Nicole.. That one person is triggering

  7. I just kicked his ass out got a restraining order and went from there I wasn’t going to be physically and emotionally abused pray and just do it when you have the strength it’s hard but just think of your son and right there should say enough is enough good luck to you

  8. I left when he started hitting me in front of my kid. I wanted the cycle of abuse to end with me and not my son hitting his future wife/gf.

  9. I knew if I would have stayed any longer, would end up dead, and god knows what would of happened to my son. I packed up, and I successfully managed to get out safe. At this point I had no vehicle and no means of contact for anyone, he completely shut me off from the world. One morning I prayed hard and pack one suitcase mostly full of my sons stuff and left. I think the hardest thing to get over is your fear of it, it’s a nerve racking process, but it’s completely worth it. There’s so many services you can access to for help getting on your feet again, and to help keep you safe while you do it. It’s been quite a few years later and i have the life I always dreamed of. An amazing husband who is so sweet to me and two beautiful children. Always go for your happy place! Good luck ❤️❤️.

  10. I knew I deserved better… took me a bit to realize it

  11. That maya person is a nut job. Just so people are aware..

  12. I lived with an abuser 11 years. It was always on my mind to leave (no kids then, thankfully).
    I cashed in some RRSP’s he didn’t know about. I had a friend help me pick a decent apartment and I left! I just had had enough! Best thing I ever did. Accept help when it’s offered too.
    Start living your life for you!

  13. Terry Curtis Terry Curtis says:

    You imagine yourself on a cliff…nowhere to go??
    Take the chance..step farther…the bridge to peace and freedom will be there…you are stronger than you think…do it

  14. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Candice Ball my point is do it or don’t, why stick around to read shit to decide. If it is honestly bad you go! If you stick around to read, it can’t be that bad. No one is getting killed clearly, I think this is fake, no abused person says “gee I think I’ll take it a few more days just to see what strangers think”

  15. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    I walked out. I had been thinking of it for the longest time. I had $32 in the bank, not even enough for a crappy hotel. I called a friend from work the he didn’t know and stayed with her for a few days. Eventually I got my own place. But I had to work my butt off to save up for it. There were no programs for fleeing violence then.

    1) build an escape plan. Some cash and a run bag of clothes if possible. Bring important papers. DO NOT keep it where he can find it. Leave it at a friends house.

    2) figure out where to go. If you need to call the police, they will help you, but you can call 211 and come up with something before that.

    3) remember to stay strong. No looking back. Only forward. YOU ARE WORTH IT. YOU HAVE A FUTURE.

  16. Shelley Lohr Shelley Lohr says:

    No story of my own just wanted to say you got this

  17. Amber Dawn Amber Dawn says:

    I woke up and said “F&CK THIS” and packed up everything I had while he was at work. Booked it so fast I didn’t realize I sprained my ankle when I was going room to room. Pulled into a parking lot and called for help. Best decision of my life.

  18. It is one day at a time. It takes time to heal. Be sure to get some therapy for yourself. It isn’t easy but you can definitely do it.

  19. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Why do you need other people’s success stories. Are you writing a book and have writer’s block? You either leave or you don’t…your mental, physical, emotional,and financial statuses play a role, no one will be the same…leave or stay, up to you

  20. Learn to say no. Even the small things. Learn to really love and care for you, first.

  21. Arcand Dee Arcand Dee says:

    Everyday is a challenge. But you find strength in accomplishing something for yourself and your children if that’s the case. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Don’t let others concept of a healthy relationship influence you to make changes you’ve got to want it. When I did leave my relationship I went for walks everyday gave myself 30 mins of quiet. Shit off your phone. I found reading others stories helpful for me. If you need support find an abuse group on Facebook. They’re quite helpful and will listen to you..

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