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Suggestions for my Yard!

My backyard really needs some tlc. Right now one side of it is very uneven as there use to be 2 trees that I had removed. I wanted to do the entire backyard into a deck but I don’t have the money. I’m looking for some suggestions on what I could do that’s going make my backyard usable but also affordable.

Any help is appreciated!



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  1. Victor Eff Victor Eff says:

    I would first clear out all the debris from your yard, then go to Home Depot and rent one of those drums that makes the ground leveled.

    Then use pallets (there are places that gives them out for free, and fill in the wider gaps with wood from other pallets, then stain the wood.

    Depending on your level of craftsmanship, you should have a pretty good DIY deck.

    Like so:

  2. You can get free dirt on kijiji.
    Look for extra 2 by 4s from construction sites and build a floating deck. Sometimes you see free or cheap bricks on marketplace or kijiji

  3. Don’t drop mortar rounds on your yard next time, it will look better

  4. My backyard is about the same size and at one point, made me cry when I opened the back door. I got it levelled out and some interlocking bricks. Got some decent patio furniture, outdoor rug,gas fire pit table, and some big planters for flowers. It costs but all my neighbours are jealous. Breaking the yard up in pieces makes it very choppy.

  5. We did a back yard deck about the same size. Love it and was worth every penny

  6. Kathleen Rae Kathleen Rae says:

    Your yard looks quite small and heavily shaded. If you want a deck put one on that can be expanded when you can afford an addition. You need special sod that grows in shade too and shade plants too. A vegetable garden would not do well in this level of shade.

  7. Level . Sod. Shrub bed in the corner.super cheap and easy and if you RIP it out for a deck later you won’t be wasting money

    • You can get free much at sherwood park ecocenter …and for those of you reading that need lots of mulch..use the chip drop app and request no spruce or pine . An arborist truck will dump some (be prepared for a LARGE load unless you specify smaller..some companies have smaller trucks than others).

  8. Even it out
    Put pallets down and cover them with plywood or planks

  9. Alexis Musik Alexis Musik says:

    My yard was like yours

  10. pallets laid down to make a deck ?

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