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Swimming n tanning

Just wondering where a good place to go swimming n tanning in the city, as trans gender looking for places that allow thong bikini.



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  1. Andrew Gregg Andrew Gregg says:

    If gender is a social construct, then why do archeologists only dig up skeletons of males and females?

  2. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    Wreck Beach, Vancouver.

  3. Cottontail corner on the river . There is a group on Facebook . They naked . Can’t see why a little bulge would offend them

  4. I think is inappropriate for anyone to wear thong swim suits to outdoor pools.

    So many children there.

    • Sammy says:

      Arg, so stupid. Just saw this post after going to the outdoor pool. Have you been, Tiffany? There were moms and teens, girls, guys in thongs and speedos. No one would even notice a transgender there. Bums on display like this is Brazil. Not sure if you actually go to the pools, seems like not since thongs are on at least 5% of the people there. (Trust me, the children don’t care. I have 3 of them)

  5. Theres a non binary swims club that meets every I thiiink Wednesday at GMAC but I may have to double check on whether it’s that day or like if it’s a closed group or whateveez

  6. Contact 311 and ask them about the dress code for pools. I go swimming a few times a week and, to be honest, doubt this would be a problem. The new pool at Borden park is worth checking out

  7. How’re you going to hide your tuck-back in a thong?

  8. Obvious troll is obvious.

  9. Kirk William Hansen maybe you have some insight or knowledgeable friends in the community?

  10. Leo Mason Leo Mason says:

    The surface of the sun.

  11. Karen Hynes Karen Hynes says:

    Fake and bake is the best option as the sun really isn’t reliable this summer.

  12. I see young people in thong type bikinis at every public pool. You do you….

  13. Ashley Cragg Ashley Cragg says:

    Hmmm what does being trans gender have to do with needing a thong bikini? Lol and I missing something? I mean all the outdoor pools allow swimming and tanning regardless of gender but I don’t know how they feel about your ass hanging out. I guess you’d have to call and ask.

  14. Why is a thong necessary lol

    • Sammy says:

      lol, *ahem* this is the trend lately, just in case you haven’t been to a pool in the last 5 years.
      Thongs are just fine and are everywhere. Occassionally they even show up at the indoor pools and I haven’t seen anyone get kicked out (both male and female)

  15. You can go tanning at any salon you choose. You can even tan naked if you want. You can also go swimming at any pool you choose. I’m not even sure why you feel the need to mention that you are trans gender… As for the thong, you can also choose to wear a regular bottom, as everyone else in the pool with you would also have chosen…

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