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Tattoo Cover up or Fix it?

So I was young and dumb, please don’t criticize me, I already deal with it every damn day waking up and seeing it. Just looking for recommendations on a cover up or at least to fix it. I’m open to see or read opinions. Thanks!

If you’re a tattoo artist, please make yourself visible.
I’ll message ya!



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  1. Search Goldtooth tattoos here on fb

  2. Get it removed. A chest tattoo is a big statement you may not want to make for the rest of your life

  3. I’ll never understand why women do this to their chests…

  4. Kara Keena Kara Keena says:

    I think it can be turned into something stunning with a few additions to it 🙂

  5. I like it…what’s wrong with it?

  6. Sara O Sara O'Dea says:

    Remove it at a place that has PicoSure – covering or fixing it will just make it bigger… I went to a place in Sherwood Park and it was great to remove!

  7. Matthew Khalil can you tag your brother maybe he can help. He has done nice work on you

  8. Trust me I got a tattoo much worse than that! One I truly regret

  9. Its all black -get it removed -laser removal on black is FANTASTIC looks like it was never there !!

  10. Talk to Connie M. Westgate she is the cover up queen and will let you know what can be done.

  11. Id invest in turtlenecks

  12. not blessed anymore damn

  13. That is way too dark and bold to cover-up. To cover up you have to go darker and bolder and often bigger than the original tattoo. I would try and have it touched up or lazer removed.

  14. Lisa Laidler Lisa Laidler says:

    Couldn’t you just add colour and “pretty” it up with florals or something

  15. Tina Fagan Tina Fagan says:

    go see my good friend Hanan Bloodline Aizicc at Ace of Aces N Spades Tattoo. He is awesome and does wonderful work.

  16. Cindy Kupser Cindy Kupser says:

    Talk to Hanan at Aces n Spades

  17. Hey I have been doing a handful of coverups lately! I also work along other artists that do them at Red Loon Tattoo & Piercing. Here is a link to a portfolio of coverups from the studio

    With coverups, you want bigger, colored and lots of detail. Also, the older it is the better. With this one, you could just jump into a coverup, but if you get a couple treatments of laser to lighten it, it will open up your options of what you can get by a lot!
    If you get laser, in the industry we highly recommend Second Skin Laser removal. Ben the owner and one of the operators is amazing and super friendly, and they have one of the best if not the best laser on this side of the country

    Here is my personal portfolio
    Also, there is a tattoo show here in Edmonton at the end of April, which would be a great place to browse portfolios as there will be over 250 artists there

  18. Will Tattoo-artist
    He can cover that and make it beautiful!!

  19. Second skin is amazing and dermatologist actually recommend them

  20. I’d laser that first. Coming from someone who is heavily tattooed and have cover ups. I guarentee most artists will tell you to laser it to lighten it up. Its black, big and on chest. Check out Second skin for laser tattoo removal. You can find it on Facebook and or IG. Very experienced and well known to the tattoo community. Goodluck

  21. Alicia Chin Alicia Chin says:

    If you decide you want it covered. Call Bush whacked laser for laser tattoo removal!

  22. Nikki Hanson Nikki Hanson says:

    I have 26 tattoos … in my opinion its actually not that bad and it’s a part of you , who you were who you are . A reminder of sorts that you are indeed blessed ! Do I regret a few of mine absolutely but at sometime it was important enough that I put it out there for the world to know. I have always said when I die my body will tell a story MY STORY.

  23. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    I do like tattoos, but not this one. No offence – just my personal taste. It just seems way too big for just a “word” tattoo. Maybe if it was a design or an animal or something it would be better… I vote get rid of it.

    • Lyn Hessels clearly she doesn’t like it either or she wouldn’t be asking how to cover it up

    • Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

      Tania Coleman and your point is…..she was asking if she should cover it or fix it and where if people could recommend

    • Lyn Hessels she didn’t ask if you liked it, or for anyone’s vote. She asked for recommendations on where to get a cover up. She also said please don’t criticize and all you did was criticize. Sorry but this person does not know where to go based on anything you said

    • Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

      Tania Coleman well , if I offended the OP it was certainly not intentional. I was agreeing with her. And she asked in her opening sentence “tattoo cover up or fix it?” I talked about a possible fix (alteration)but voted cover up.

  24. I would cover it up. I just got a chest piece covered up by Christine at geisha tattoo in Edmonton. She did an amazing job

  25. Vern Smith Vern Smith says:

    Looks good just get it reworked and extra art

  26. Ace Ofhearts Ace Ofhearts says:

    Hanan Bloodline Aizicc his dude has some awesome stuff

  27. I dont think it looks terrible…..maybe add to it..make it prettier!

  28. I also recommend Red Loon Tattoo & Piercing.

  29. Cathy Rogers Cathy Rogers says:

    See Nick @ at needlepoint Londonderry! He’s excellent!

  30. Liz Large Liz Large says:

    Aces an spades. Depending on what you want. Sl

  31. Second skin laser it off!

  32. Becky Parak Becky Parak says:

    Go talk to the team at Red Loon Tattoo & Piercing – they’re amazing!

  33. Tricia Lyn Tricia Lyn says:

    It looks as thought you will need to get it lightened up before covering it. Second Skin and Serene Radiance provide laser tattoo removal. I had to get 3 treatments before I got mine covered.

  34. Rob at the tattoo guy skin and art he has done cover ups

  35. Dan Lef at Prima Tattoo

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