I’m honestly considering getting some facial tattoos. I love them. But I’m also taking business in university and concerned it’ll hinder my chance of reputable employment after graduation. I want to have my boyfriends name tattooed on my temple and my dogs footprint on lower jaw. Employers cant discriminate so I assume I’ll have no issue finding work but my roommate disagrees. Looking for guidance from other people with facial tattoos


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  1. Get a tat of a crack pipe on ur cheek…Gov job for sure!!

  2. Josh Regnier Josh Regnier says:

    Charles Manson also had a facial tattoo. He also didn’t have a job from 1969 until he died almost 50 years later.

  3. Ron Klatt Ron Klatt says:

    Obvious troll is obvious

  4. On second thought, YES!! Get a third eye in the middle of your forehead so they think you have Super Powers!!!!!!

  5. No, no, and no. PLEASE not on your face!!!! You will NEVER be management with tattoos on your face. Nobody will want a CEO with a dog paw on your face!! THINK !!!!!!!!

  6. Ok is this for real or a joke?!
    If you seriously think those are good ideas and your employment issue won’t be a concern… go tor it.
    But I guarantee you won’t be in a front office or customer service position.
    Your boyfriends name….. so when you break up…? Then what?
    This is wild!!

  7. Jen Pratt Jen Pratt says:

    Just write “Mis-steak” across your forehead. Give the grammar nazis and OCD sufferers a fit.

  8. No good artist will tattoo your boyfriends name, so that leaves bad artists and dear god you don’t want a bad artist working on tour face sooooooo that’s a nope. Don’t do it

  9. Jen Danger Jen Danger says:

    I wouldn’t hire you and I own a tattoo shop. Fuck off.

  10. Jeff Vanasse Jeff Vanasse says:

    50 grand spent on 4 years degree to end up working at Walmart. Genius

  11. Tracy Nickel Tracy Nickel says:

    I really, really hope you’re joking.

  12. Hopefully this is a joke.
    However, I would not hire someone with facial tattoos. I do not think they are attractive at all. Same goes for neck tattoos. If I want my company to stay reputable and in great standing with my customer I would pick some based on experience /education and professionalism.

  13. “It’ll hinder my chance of reputable employment after graduation.” There you answered your own question. FFS don’t do that.

  14. Katy Cole Katy Cole says:

    Many companies and govt have dress codes that include covering all visible tattoos. If you really want them you can wait until you’re established with a company for a number of years then get them. Trying to hired – probably going to be tough! Even car dealerships make mechanics cover facial piercings!

  15. Gotta be a joke right here but if you’re serious, you could go with the ink that only glows under a black light, for your safety.

  16. You absolutely can do with you wish, however it will absolutely impact your professional persona in a work atmosphere.
    I have tons of friends with tattoos, and have some of my own, however even I will admit that if a doctor or lawyer or other “professional educated type person” walked into the room I would immediately question their qualifications.
    While face tattoos are slowly becoming more common, they are associated with gangs and other hood-rat type activities. I know for sure that if I had two equally qualified candidates, and one had face tattoos, I would choose the person who appeared more professional over the latter. Honestly? I would probably still choose the non-face tattooed person over the other even if they were less qualified.

  17. Professional careers normally support a professional appearance. No offence meant for anyone.

  18. Nicole 2019 tattoos are on the face now lol

  19. It will influence your job opportunities some jobs are very strict with their policies not everyone can see beyond them and see your true potential. I love the piercings but get a good cover-up that will conceal them during an interview.

  20. Kiki Elbi Kiki Elbi says:

    I need whatever OP smoked before making these decisions/post.

  21. Bfs name on your temple… dogs paw on your jaw…. alriiiiighttyyy then

  22. Im dying. The comments are golden.
    Lavanya Tshibangu
    Jenn D
    Nick Raymond
    Kara King

  23. Carly Anne Carly Anne says:

    Well kat von d makes a cover up that will
    Cover tattoos so I say just do as you wish. But yes employers will discriminate without saying!

    • Carly Anne Carly Anne says:

      Lol who cares what people look like as a parent this post makes me laugh I’m in an Industry where it’s almost expected to have tattoos. Like come on people just let the person make their own decision it’s their life not anyone else’s. And I hope I look fucking cool as a grandparent.

  24. Obviously a fucking joke

  25. Obviously a fucking joke

  26. Dana McVey Dana McVey says:

    I am a super conservative person and I personally don’t like tattoos for myself. People still judge based on how you dress and look in general when it comes to business. That said I would just be a bit cautious with what and where. I think for your sake no boyfriend name as you will regret that some day. I think the paw print would be okay and people would talk to you about it and when they do the tattoo becomes a non issue.

  27. Dana McVey Dana McVey says:

    I am a super conservative person and I personally don’t like tattoos for myself. People still judge based on how you dress and look in general when it comes to business. That said I would just be a bit cautious with what and where. I think for your sake no boyfriend name as you will regret that some day. I think the paw print would be okay and people would talk to you about it and when they do the tattoo becomes a non issue.

  28. You do have other body parts you know

  29. You do have other body parts you know

  30. I would tattoo a pair of glasses around your eyes. After all, glasses are supposed to make you look more intelligent, and you will obviously need all the help you can get.

  31. They are not supposed to discriminate, but the can find a lot of reasons to not hire you

  32. Nick Finnie Nick Finnie says:

    Please. Please get them. Especially of your boyfriends name. You can get it across your forehead. Get two paw prints. One on each side so you dont look like a fool.

  33. Lisa Wood Lisa Wood says:

    If you’re looking for work as a tattoo artist or in a doggy daycare, you’re in!

  34. Lisa Fedirko Lisa Fedirko says:

    Can’t be real. Troll

  35. Kenda Breen Kenda Breen says:

    Do not do it. And never tatoo a boyfriend name on your body.

  36. Kenda Breen Kenda Breen says:

    Do not do it. And never tatoo a boyfriend name on your body.

  37. Facial tattoos in my opinion is career suicide. However, that being said if one is adamant about this they should consider maybe having the name done in a different language, Latin, Chinese etc. I have a tattoo of my own name done in hieroglyphics.

  38. Potential employers don’t have to tell you why you aren’t hired. Listen to your roommate. Get the tattoos AFTER you find a job.

  39. Louise Boddy Louise Boddy says:

    Employers don’t have to hire you.. one look and they can say we have more interviews to conduct. Should you be the candidate we will call you . And just by pass you because of it .

  40. Kevin Barry Kevin Barry says:

    I recommend you get the tattoos done with henna, it’ll last 3 months. Don’t use ink

  41. Either you are a horrible troll or just not a very smart individual

  42. The reality of it is that if someone else has the same qualifications as you they do not have to choose you – tattoos or not . Facial tattoos are unmistakeable and it is an employers right to choose who represents them. People may not be allowed to discriminate but decisions get made based on comfort and acceptability. If you believe that it won’t affect it I think that you are wrong. No facial tattoo required to give you advise on this – just experience with people, employment and business.

  43. This has got to be a joke, right?

  44. Only if your boyfriends name is super common so when you break up, you can just stick with dating all the Roberts or Jason’s, so it won’t be weird.

  45. May as well tattoo “DON”T F*CKING HIRE ME”……..
    Also, that choice of name on your temple……..hmmmm is that so that as you get older you can look in the mirror and constantly question your life choices? If you want shit jobs, nothing says it quite like a facial tattoo or two!

  46. I’ve have many friends and relatives with tattoos I myself have none
    Buy the consensus of their opinions is never ever have a boyfriends girlfriends husbands wives names tattooed on yourself as people spilt up
    My ex daughter in law is a prime example
    She went and tattooed my son’s name on her
    I’m sure her current boyfriend just loves being reminded of him every time he sees it

  47. Emily Kuntz Emily Kuntz says:

    How the hell did you get into university?

  48. I should add that I love tattoos and have many ( one on my neck) and plan on getting many more… but never on my face.

  49. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Well, I told my daughter to not tattoo anything anyone will see in a job interview. She didn’t listen, but doing great! Depends on your employer

  50. I don’t know why you think face tattoos are protected under human rights. They are not.

  51. Guys it’s a troll don’t feed it

  52. Lionel Bird Lionel Bird says:

    Get your whole face tattooed man.. It won’t hinder you one bit. You’ll look super cool.

  53. Ellie Tyson Ellie Tyson says:

    Zach, you will like this.

  54. Are you a welder by trade? A full mask can hide all sorts of terrible tattoos.

  55. You’ll have sooooo many employers knocking down your door for sure.

  56. Debbie Ward Debbie Ward says:

    You know what? Things change from day to day. DO NOT DO THIS.

  57. Rianna Ross Rianna Ross says:

    They can’t not hire you based on gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation etc. They can however not hire you because you chose to tattoo your face. Especially in business. Many workplaces still have policies about visible piercings, not to mention tattoos.

  58. In a sane world this would be satire but I can’t be sure these days

  59. I have my husbands initials tattooed on my leg but they are also my kids initials and paw prints. I would never do it on my face though.

  60. They certainly will be discriminatory towards you for many years to come. Especially if you are looking for work where you deal with customers, front staff ect you won’t get it! Maybe if you do like warehouse work you’d be fine.

  61. I would never discriminate against tattoos, but there has to be a line drawn (no pun intended). If you are being in the Medical sector I have seen arm tattoos,neck,whatever, but I have never seen an ER doctor with full face tattoos. The line between acceptance and decorum in the chosen field is blurred.

  62. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    I hope this is a joke. Employers will absolutely discriminate against you if you get a facial tattoo and they don’t have to tell you why you weren’t hired and will find 10 valid reasons to overlook you for any promotion.

  63. You should consider getting rid of a boyfriend that thinks this is a good idea

  64. If you’re actually being serious.. Pretty much what everyone else has said, it will make finding a job difficult. Also, there are still places like some bars that will not allow you in if you have facial/neck or hand tattoos (I have had clients talk about it, for example there was a bar in Vegas they weren’t allowed in). As for the bf name, there is a high chance of you needing to get that eventually lasered or covered. There are artists that won’t tattoo a bf/gf’s name on people. Also, its seen as a curse as everyone who gets it, they end up breaking up. I have even heard of marriages ending after the tattoo (not because of the tattoo). Get a picture instead, then you can at least change the meaning if things don’t work out

  65. A decision like this is absolutely closing doors for you. Actually now that I think of it not close doors, it will slam them shut every day for the rest of your life.

  66. Kim Schindel Kim Schindel says:

    There is always high quality cover up you can use once you get a position if they have an issue with your tattoos. You be you just know that not everyone is so liberal. .. as you can clearly see by all these comments.

  67. Naila Jina Naila Jina says:

    This hurts my heart for future generations.

  68. Rocky Wilson Rocky Wilson says:

    Do it!!! I think getting a tear drops on the face and the words “Thug Life” across the neck would be awesome!

  69. Karo Li Na Karo Li Na says:

    Why not on the forehead ?

  70. Actually employers would discriminate. They won’t say “we’re not hiring you because of your facial tattoos” they’ll just smile and say they have a few more interviews left.

  71. Meliss Rae Meliss Rae says:

    Employers can discriminate all they want. If they don’t want to hire you due to face tatts…..they’ll just “pick another reason” not to hire you.

  72. Kim Fehr Kim Fehr says:

    The bigger question is where are you going to put your boyfriends last name?

  73. The only thing dumber then a face tattoo is eyeball tattoos It will absolutely hinder your chances of employment especially in the business world.

  74. Add in some fake freckles, but in the shapes of Lucky charms, then you can be fancy

  75. First off…. never get any names put on your body unless it’s a parent or child… a boyfriend/spouse doesn’t always mean they will be around forever. No matter what is said about discrimination and it shouldn’t happen with facial tattoos…. don’t! It does impact the way people view you and if you are in business and attempting to get clientelle… it will be difficult be taken seriously.

  76. Ann Parker Ann Parker says:

    Do some research… facial tattoos are not protected under employment law.

  77. Randi May Randi May says:

    Tattoos on your face and you can kiss any employment opportunity that’s not at a tattoo parlour shop goodbye.

  78. for the love of god. I HOPE YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS.

  79. I like face tattoos and I’d say go for it…. If you picked better tattoos to get.
    Boyfriend’s name and a paw print… I’m sorry, but that does, unfortunately, give a very bad impression. Mostly about your reasoning skills.. lol.. I’d suggest a different design. Maybe some delicate linework on your hair line.

  80. Do not get facial tattoos if your aiming for a professional career. Talk to people who do have tattood faces and I guarantee you they’ll tell you they’ve been discriminated against. I’ve got sleeves and I’ve even been judged.

  81. Good job getting everyone all worked up haha, worked like a charm

  82. Ok your just stupid that’s all I have!

  83. Your boyfriends name on your temple…..

  84. It sounds like OP is young.
    My advice is to wait until you’re at LEAST 21, until you know exactly what you’re going to do for a career, AND you know 150% sure that said boyfriend tattoo is ‘permanent’!

  85. Bill Howatt Bill Howatt says:

    Of course they can’t discriminate for appearance, but you also can’t prove that they didn’t hire you because of your face tattoos, not because they had a more qualified applicant. And I’m gonna guarantee you that 99% of businesses aren’t going to hire you if you deal with customers, it’ll be for your appearance but it will never be said out loud so you will have zero recourse. And you never get someone’s name tattooed on you. Especially on your face. Think about it? If you want the face tattoos, how about you wait till you’re established in your chosen field and job, then do it, I’m gonna bet if you wait a couple years you’ll be happy you did.

  86. This is a baaaaaaaaaad idea… I really hope this is not a real post and if it is do not do it.

  87. Felicia Rene Felicia Rene says:

    It will hinder your ability to find work. Sad truth.

  88. Most of my friends have at least one tattoo or lots more but not one would consider it appropriate to have one on their face…ludicrous!

  89. You are joking, right? You can’t actually think that people won’t judge you based on your appearance.

  90. I truly hope this is a joke. Your boyfriends name and a paw print on your face??? I have no words…..

  91. Aimee Mary Aimee Mary says:

    I don’t know if this is real? Don’t get your boyfriends name tattooed on your face. There’s no guarantee you’ll be together forever and getting that removed or covered up would suck. As for the job aspect, there’s a high possibility you wouldn’t get hired. They would find other reasons not to hire you instead of using your facial tattoos as a reason.

  92. Jenn Jerebic Jenn Jerebic says:

    You’ll definitely have issues finding work in the business world just because they can’t discriminate doesn’t mean they won’t find a way to say your not qualified for the position…

  93. Kip Chaput Kip Chaput says:

    If I needed you in a public position and company reputation at stake, ABSOLUTELY I WOULDNT HIRE YOU!!!

    • Kip Chaput it should be an employer’s choice whom they hire. Too many people think the job is their right no it isn’t…it is at the employer’s discretion whom they feel is a fit

  94. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Well, I told my daughter to not tattoo anything anyone will see in a job interview. She didn’t listen, but doing great! Depends on your employer

    • Maja Black and depends on the job. I’ve got sleeves but I can cover them. I’m also a social worker and tattoos are generally accepted in my field. Facial tattoos may be an issue depending on who the employer is and who the clientele is.

  95. I would strongly suggest to put them elsewhere on your body

  96. How will you look when your a grandparent?

  97. Please get neither on your face. Please.

  98. Legally they can’t discriminate but it still happens. I interviewed for a job not too long ago and when I followed up about the position I was told I didn’t get it. I questioned why, as I wanted to be able to address any shortcomings I may have had, but was told they decided to go with someone younger. Also illegal. Good jobs are hard to come by. I wouldn’t choose to do something that would mar it even harder.

  99. They can decide not to hire for facial tattoos and not tell you that is the reason

  100. Just remember you have the freedom to do what you wish …. you do not have the freedom to the repercussions ….

  101. Stacey Adams Stacey Adams says:

    Do it!!!!
    You can never go wrong with a face tattoo. Particularly if it’s your boyfriend’s name!

  102. Terah Abel Terah Abel says:

    They will just find another reason to not hire you. There is no way you would be accepted in business with facial tattoos. My daughter is in her last semester of her commerce degree and they had a guest speaker from New York who read the students the riot act for showing up to class in hoodies. Even though legally they can’t discriminate they will find a reason to overlook you

    • Terah Abel Legally they can discriminate. Facial tattoos are not a protected ground, such as disability, sex, gender, and so on.

    • Terah Abel Terah Abel says:

      Alanna Sinclair I didn’t know that. I thought tattoos, at least to a point, were ok nowadays. It wasn’t that long ago when I worked for blue cross and if people had tattoos on their arms they had to wear long sleeved shirts

    • Kerry Lynne Kerry Lynne says:

      Terah Abel that was an internal policy about long sleeves much like removing nose piercings when we worked together, and I recall it being a big ordeal when we had to create a policy regarding head scarves because residents were scared at night.

  103. Eeeh I wouldn’t but you could also get some really good cover-up

  104. hahahahahaha good look getting a serious job

  105. Jessie Joyal Jessie Joyal says:

    Dont do it. Especially the boyfriends name. Boyfriend’s dont last forever lol. And it definitely will hinder your chances at employment

  106. They can’t discriminate but they can use education, experience, etc of another candidate over you and say that is why you were not hired. I would hold off on the facial tattoos until you have landed a job that you are happy with.

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