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Im curious as to why teachers want more money?! looking at my childs calendar, in and entire year teachers are only working 52% of the year, summer, Christmas, spring break, other holidays and extra days off in the month. stop your damn complaining already!!!!

sure, teaching a bunch of kids is hard, i know that. guess what? ive worked in daycares for years, no it’s not just babysitting your child, we actually have to follow guidlines, and actually teach them, and its pretty damn exhausting to be with 16 3 year olds with 1 other staff. no summer off, christmas break, spring break and any other extra days. and you know what? I STILL MAKE MINIMUM WAGE!!!

why we dont make more is beyond me, because we have one of the hardest jobs. we deserve to make more. and before you sit there and tell me to find another better paying job, how about no. i love working with kids, i wouldn’t want to do anything else. I AM ASKING FOR MORE MONEY. anyone working in daycares understands. i have a level 1, yes you make a bit more with 2 and 3, but not much at all. I couldnt afford to pay to tske them either. so teachers, shut it already with not getting paid enough, when you really DON’T work that much.



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  1. Dina says:

    Yeah, you wouldn’t understand. Try getting a degree and standing in their shoes and see if that opens your mind a bit?

  2. Teacher says:

    I’m sorry but this post is absolutely pathetic. You may think you deserve to be paid more but it seems like you don’t know much about what happens behind closed doors. Sure, maybe it says we work 52% of the year but a lot of teachers are at school by 7-7:30 and leave school about 5-6 after doing extra work to prepare for the following week or day and unfortunately, we aren’t paid by the hour like you. Report cards take weeks to complete and many are up until 2 am for multiple nights completing those on top of regular school days. Don’t forget about those hours spent making individualized program plans for those students with special needs and modifying every activity, assessment, and lesson to fit their needs as well. You are lucky you have the extra hand in a day care because the day care chooses to hire one; many schools/classes, especially with budget cuts, don’t have the funding for educational assistants as our support in the classroom. Class sizes are only increasing and having about 30 students with no extra help in the class and on top of that to have children who need continuous support in learning is extremely challenging; it’s unfair to those students who might not get the attention or help they need because we don’t have that support. Teachers also spend A LOT, maybe too much, of their own money to purchase resources, materials for our lessons/activities, classroom furniture, thousands of dollars worth of books in the classroom as well as food for those who come to school without it. As a kindergarten teacher, most days I don’t even have lunch because I’m too busy helping my little ones get ready to go home, wait for their parents to pick them up, and then prepare for my afternoon class to come in. More than half those breaks during the school year are used to prepare for school and PD days that students have off are days where us teachers are in seminars to learn and improve our skills and techniques.

    Your job may be hard but that shouldn’t mean you should put us down because you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. We do need more money but it’s nor for us, it’s for our classrooms and students.

  3. Doug says:

    Like it or not, OP is truthful. Seems like every time I turn around the kids are off school for this reason or that. But they should be paid more because they have a degree in education and you don’t. That’s it.

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