Faith in humanity restored!!!

I want to send a HUGE thank you out to not only the bus driver, but the Good Samaritan who found a cheque I had written for my son’s school fees (nearly $600.00!!!).

Earlier this week I sent the cheque along with the paperwork to school with my son. He was supposed to have put it in his backpack. Apparently he did not as he texted me not more than an hour later saying he had lost the cheque.
My husband went to the school to replace the cheque (and then he was going to cancel the lost cheque) only to find the cheque sitting on the counter at the school.

Apparently a Good Samaritan found the cheque on the bus and handed it to the bus driver. The bus driver then brought the cheque to my son’s school. Not sure if it was after her shift or if she parked the bus and ran in during a “loop”, but at any rate both people took time out of their day to help a Junior High kid and ultimately his parents and for that I am incredibly greatful!

Thank you Good Samaritan!!!
Thank you ETS Bus Driver!!!



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  1. This is one of the main reasons why I continue to follow this page. Hearing about the good in people and in the city that we live. So much hatred nowadays, a little kindness goes a long way.

  2. $600 dollars for school fees wow.

  3. 311 to commend the operator! I think it’s the best way to thank them.

  4. Rob Hunt Sr. Rob Hunt Sr. says:

    Nice to hear about the positive things we do and not only the negatives thumbs up driver and thankful parents

  5. Thank you for sharing. That is such a beautiful story.

  6. Shawna Perez Shawna Perez says:

    Cheques can be cancelled. No cause for worry.


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