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On monday I took my baby and toddler swimming alone to emerald hills rec center in sherwood park because it is free before noon on mon/wed/fri for moms and babies..

That day it was freaken cold and windy. As i came out of the pool my toddler started an epic tantrum because she was now tired and HANGRY! She is normally very easy but that day i had to drag her out with us all still damp and freezing. This is where my truck broke down and i was stuck out in the cold. I had to drag my tantruming crying toddler and now crying baby back into the rec center waiting for help to arrive.

I want to say thank you as the front desk lady saw something was wrong and brought over pencil crayons and paper to my toddler crying how the truck is broken. She started to finally smile and even got excited about them putting up the christmas tree and tried her best to help. Thank you as my kids were complete wrecks and i had to spend my time calling around for service and help. Thank you from the stressed out mom in a bad moment. You guys helped change the tantrums into a fun time when momma had to be on the phone to organize getting the truck fixed.



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  1. Sean Matthew Sean Matthew says:

    They are awesome there. My kids have swimming lessons there. The staff are always top notch!

  2. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    super nice post.

  3. Pat O Pat O'Hagan says:

    That’s wonderful!

  4. Jon Adam Jon Adam says:

    I’m getting sad for you I hope I was near you to give all what I can

  5. Great post! It’s nice to here about the awesome staff, but don’t forget you’re awesome too! Toddlers can definitely be a challenge even on their good days ❤️ Yay you and the staff!

  6. Awesome to hear of the thoughtful gesture.

  7. Erin Julien Erin Julien says:

    It really does take a village. From one mama to another, I can say it’s happened to the best of us! Glad someone was there to make things a bit easier for you during a difficult moment!

  8. Giselle & Pete says:

    How to get free swimming there in the morning? I go in Edmonton with my kid in the mornings, but for free I would go there for sure


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