Thank you for finding my wallet

I lost my wallet yesterday at west Edmonton mall it was my whole weeks wages in there and my ID. Someone found my wallet and turned it into guest services who gave it to the police cause there was a lot of money on it. I was sick to my stomach last night I couldn’t believe I lost it. Today I am reminded how amazing some people can be. If your reading this you are my hero. I can’t thank you enough for handing it in thank you thank you THANK YOU



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  1. Jodi Kostner-Hamilton yes ma’am it was me!

  2. Was this Sat feb 2? if it was. That was us, my son age 7 found it and was very worried about it.

  3. Fantastic. . There are some good people out there still. ❤

  4. Faith in humanity restored.

  5. Lois Sunley Lois Sunley says:

    love that it was found by a good person and you got it back <3

  6. Not to often you’d get it back with all your money, but there are still some honest people out there in this cruel world. Kudos to whoever returned it.

  7. I’m not the person who found it buuuut I’m going to take credit for it you’re welcome dont mention it !

  8. Jean Freeman Jean Freeman says:

    Good people out there! So happy you got it back

  9. Great to hear there are actually good honest people out there

  10. Nice to see positive shout outs here..high five to the person who turned it in….

  11. Sue Topps Sue Topps says:

    Awsome to hear of good and kindness…shoutout to the finder !!!

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