Thanks for all the pain you caused

To the person who entered the back room at Le Chateau citycenter today and stole mine and my coworkers wallets and my keys.

I hope you’re happy, I truly do. You have no idea the pain and money you have cost us, we will now probably both be written up and that’s IF we’re lucky and the best part is I can’t get to work to pay the bills for the lock smiths I will have to pay to fix the damaged you’ve caused, because you so kindly took my car keys as well. oh and guess what? You can’t get a new debit card without ID and you can’t get the ID without the debit so hmmmm thanx for that, that’s just fucking super. And for what? The locks have already been changed and the cards are cancelled. We were nothing but kind to you and in return You left both of us stranded with no way home and no money, but I doubt you care about that. If you have one shred of decency Please take the damn car you’d actually be doing me a favour, good luck finding where it’s parked! the only thing I would like back is my damn keychains, they’re sentimental. But once again I highly doubt you fucking care. So one last time THANK YOU, YOU ARE AN AWSOME FUCKING PERSON DEFINITELY ONE IN A FUCKING MILLION.



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  1. Mercedes says:

    Sorry for what u are going thru! Thats unfuckenbelievable:( Hopefully
    Karma gets them good


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