thanks for your taxes

shame to the man who took a video of a woman grabbing a bag from the ground in front of a donation bin and posting her as a way to ridicule her and bully.

of course he didnt bother to show the first part of the good she did by picking up 5 or 6 bags and putting them in the bins out of the elements first. since then thanks to your cruelty she lost the only job she could work around her kids schedules with…cuz she uses her vehicle u so proudly shamed….and her kids….

grade 1 are now subjected to bullying at their school, u have made innocent children’s lives miserable, and a family now has to love in fear of the according that has happened at red lights….things being thrown at her and her children and the bullying your video has caused. now she has to bin for more than just clothes because she can’t find a job. she still continues to do everything she can to support her family even if only a few bucks but your video has put someone who already struggles and pushed them down a very steep slope.

she said to me the other day u can thank all those pricks for their taxes cuz now i have to use the same system they call down people using to get back up and survive. i have to use the mental health supports for my children so they arent completely disturbed and continually bullied, as well as for myself because I’ve been made to be worthless by my own community. Good will likes when people take from the trash in front. it’s less they have to throw out due to mould. a thousand people bin in this city every day and u had to pick out an innocent struggling mom and turn her into a laughingstock and subject her to reoccurring bullies for herself and her kids.

is that what u wanted? to completely ruin someone to make your self worth float? shame on the man in the black truck who felt the need to be cruel and bully her. I would wish this kind of difficulty on no one.



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  1. Wow how terrible. She got fired for tidying up a donation bin?

  2. Thats horrible! its so sad, people post pictures and comments of others , when they don’t even have a clue of what’s the truth. I hope this lady finds a new job soon.all the best to her !

  3. I am pretty sure their might be a Criminal Charge and law against secretly recording someone without their knowledge for malicious intent. I am pretty sure if found guilty it can result in up to 5 years in prison if found guilty.

  4. Where’s the video? I haven’t seen anything like this on any feeds

  5. I’m lost….. What happened?? What video?

  6. Taryn Millar Taryn Millar says:

    I’m confused. She was cleaning up but now has to go bin diving more because she’s unemployed ?

    • Lisa O Lisa O'Neill says:

      I think she found several bags in front of the donation bin, put most in and then took one for herself. Technically it’s theft because they were donated to the charity/store to be sold and she took them for free.

    • Lisa O’Neill It’s only theft if the bags are taken out of the bin…was in the non profit dealing with this for 15 yrs.

  7. Ppl should just stick to filming cops.

  8. Jen Parker Jen Parker says:

    Curious, OP, if you have spoken to her former employer to relay these facts?

  9. Alicia Toore Alicia Toore says:

    Even if she was taking a bag from a donation bin I don’t get what the big deal is? Maybe she needed that stuff. Poverty doesn’t always look the same. I knew plenty of everyday people when I was a kid who’s parents drove nice vehicles (usually work vehicles) and could barely afford to feed and clothe them. People are so petty. Go find a real cause and video tape something actually horrible happening. I hope the video taper gets his or her karma back threefold.

  10. Xavier Paddy Xavier Paddy says:

    Good Will makes a grand off donated clothes. Not sure the big issue if its a donation bin she took from. Its a bin basically FOR people.

    • Alicia Toore Alicia Toore says:

      So many people think Good Will is an actual great charity. It’s really not. They only donate a certain amount to meet the limit to be considered a non profit and not pay taxes. They’re basically a scam and do very little to help needy people.

  11. For every negative in life there is always a positive. Perhaps she is meant to have a better job. As for the bullying, people suck, no one should be bullied. Teach the kids to stand up to their bullies.
    Does Goodwill have cameras that could verify that the woman was just cleaning up the mess?

  12. Leslie Berg Leslie Berg says:

    Please at least be sure she knows about the hearts thrift store Hearts Thrift Center so if she needs any help with clothing or no perishable items it’s there .


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