Thanks Snow Removal Crews!

A big thanks to all of the snow removal crews in Edmonton who are working hard to keep the streets clear and clean.

You guys are doing a great job!!!



9 Responses

  1. This must be sarcasm

  2. Keri Martin Keri Martin says:

    I don’t know what roads you’re driving on…..

  3. Gosh, they’re doing their best. Hoping this isn’t sarcasm.

  4. Streets clear at the expense of the sidewalks…

    • No one cares about the people who walk.. 🙁

    • But we care DEEPLY about the bike lanes.

      6% of Vancouverites bike to work, I recall from a study not too far back. (Since Edmonton’s got some serious snow and much colder weather, I’m assuming that’s probably closer to 3%, IF that.) Yet with this, this city somehow figured that it was more important to plow a great number of BIKE LANES in and into the downtown core of Edmonton BEFORE the actually street itself… No joke. I’m very disappointed with the snow removal process this city has created itself behind closed doors.

  5. It`s really not snow REMOVAL, it`s just snow MOVAL, it never actually gets removed

  6. Sandra Wells Sandra Wells says:

    Everybody, quit your bitchin! Yes it can be frustrating driving after a snowfall but there are a lot of roads to be cleared, it takes time! It also takes tax dollars to accomplish this, think about that! After all, we do live in a winter city! Drive to the road conditions, you’ll be fine!

  7. yes they doing there best. seen a guy hit a wind row and lose it!


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